Real Estate for Sale in Istanbul 2022

Real estate is the most important thing in the buying and selling markets in Istanbul, Turkey, due to the investment importance of these properties in several commercial, economic and political fields. The year 2022 witnessed a real estate boom in this city in terms of specifications, features and prices, which in turn affected the real estate market in the region with development as well.


The importance of real estate for sale in Istanbul:

The government allows the buying and selling process in Istanbul real estate and also provides the opportunity to make profits and collect money from this process, so it is very easy to find properties for sale in this city and then buy and register it under the name of the ownership in the city of Istanbul.


Types of properties available for sale in Istanbul:

Different types of real estate that are offered for sale in Istanbul, each of them has different specifications and features from the other type in some aspects, and these types of real estate are:


Apartments are one of the most important types of real estate in the world and are the most attractive type for buying and selling operations, especially in Istanbul, which is located in the center of Turkey and contains huge numbers of apartments that attract many investors from all over the world to enjoy its features and specifications.

The apartments in this city are characterized by the remarkable urban development in the past few years and the services available in it. The apartments in it are large enough for a big family, with medium-quality furniture and a level of efficiency. This is what makes apartments very popular in Istanbul. There are several types of apartments in Istanbul, including: penthouses, apartments within the complexes, regular apartments, smart apartments, and duplexes.


2- Villas:

The villas are in the first place of the most luxurious, quality and famous properties in the real estate world in Istanbul, and this fame is due to the great features that surround the villas from all sides, such as luxurious construction and modern and beautiful urban designs, as well as the large area that the villa enjoys, as there are private entertainment centers in villas such as swimming pools, small gardens and children's playgrounds, this type of real estate is also distinguished by the appropriate prices compared to the prices of huge villas in other countries.

There are also several types of villas in Istanbul, including tourist, historical, and modern villas.



In the previous types of real estate, apartments and villas, the investment is either residential or commercial, while when it comes to hotels, the investment in them is limited to commercial, especially since hotels in Istanbul receive a great deal of work and the profit in them is guaranteed. Therefore, the process of buying and selling hotels is a complicated process and requires a lot of money and in return guarantees big profits.


Where to find real estate for sale in Istanbul:

You can find real estate for sale in several areas in Istanbul, which is divided into two main parts:

-Asian Istanbul:

The Asian side of Istanbul is a very important aspect in terms of the presence of real estate available for sale and there are several areas for buying real estate, and these areas that are famous for the presence of real estate for sale are Beykoz, Kadikoy, Senglkoy, Haydarpasa and Camlica, where these areas are considered to have strong polarization. These areas are considered to be highly attractive to tourists, which increases their real estate importance, and the properties in them contain many features and specifications such as the picturesque nature and infrastructure, which make them a center of attraction for investors from all over the world.


-European Istanbul:

In general, real estate on the European side of Istanbul receives great attention from the Turkish government, which contributes to the development of the real estate side in the region, and there are many areas that contain real estate for sale, such as the famous Sultanahmet area, which contains a great historical and religious heritage and the Taksim area, which is located in the middle of Istanbul, Ortakoy, Sisli, and many other areas that have huge numbers of properties for sale, which contribute to the prosperity of the real estate market in the region.


Advantages of buying real estate in Istanbul:

Buying real estate in Istanbul has many advantages for the buyer, including:


1-Enjoying the beauty of Istanbul and its terrain:

Istanbul is one of the most important global cities in terms of tourism, natural beauty, and beautiful and picturesque terrain. This is due to the presence of natural ingredients in it that make it classified worldwide with the beauty of nature and natural ingredients such as water oases.

It has the famous Bosphorus Strait, which is one of the most important landmarks of the city. There are also green forests containing:

*All kinds of trees and plants, in which parts of some series were filmed.

*Istanbul also contains public and private gardens, as well as the rivers that pass through them, leaving behind a wonderful view that pleases the onlookers.


2-Obtaining Turkish citizenship Obtaining:

Turkish citizenship is the most important advantage of buying a property in it, and it is the most important goal of foreign investors who buy real estate in the region, but some conditions must be met in order to hand over citizenship to those who deserve it only.

Turkish has several advantages, including the possibility of mixing with the Turkish people and traveling to a large number of countries through the Turkish passport.


3-Big chance for success:

Buying real estate in Istanbul is a great opportunity to make profits and money by investing this property commercially, either by selling it or renting it monthly or annually. In the case of selling, the matter is done faster, but it needs greater legal scrutiny and achieves good profits at once.

In the case of leasing, the lessor achieves net monthly or annual profits while preserving the capital from loss. In the end, the property remains for its owner, so this is the best way.


4-Finding study and work opportunities:

When buying a property in Istanbul, the buyer can look for better job opportunities, because there are many job opportunities in the region that are better than other cities. The buyer can also complete his studies in the universities of Istanbul, which is one of the most important universities in Turkey, which is what contributes to the development of practical living and educational attainment in the city.


5-Possibility to live in dignity:

This feature belongs to foreigners coming from countries suffering from wars, crises and famines, so they resort to Istanbul in order to enjoy a dignified life in which justice and mutual respect prevail.

The Turkish government provides foreigners, especially those with Turkish citizenship, many rights to express their opinion and participate in elections and national events.


6-Visiting other cities in Turkey:

This can also be done through the passport, whereby those who buy a property in Istanbul can visit other cities in Turkey, which millions of tourists wish to visit, because of their tourism potentials such as beaches, palaces, castles, harbors, historical museums, malls, famous commercial markets and many well-known streets and neighborhoods in Turkey.

Therefore, buying real estate in Istanbul is a process with many benefits and advantages for the buyer, as well as for the real estate market in the region, which increases with time and becomes more effective.