The best cities to buy real estate in Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries that is famous for its large number of investors, and it has witnessed a significant increase in the number of investors and expatriates from other foreign countries, desiring to own Turkish real estate either with the intention of housing or investment. This is due to many reasons provided by the Turkish government in terms of facilities and features offered to investors on the one hand, and on the other hand, Turkey’s security, stability, low prices compared to European countries, low cost, infrastructure development, and modern and contemporary urban designs, which contributed to the prosperity of the real estate market in Turkey. The number of investors and requests for real estate of all kinds, including apartments or villas, and commercial stores, offices, hotels and malls, varies from one city to another, depending on many factors.

Preferred cities to buy a property in Turkey:

Turkey is generally distinguished over other countries in terms of the features of its real estate because of the qualities it possesses that make it the best in the world, and these features differ from one city to another, so we find the largest orientation for investors in the Turkish front cities such as Istanbul tourism and Ankara, the Turkish capital, some of which are less attractive to investors .
Among the advantages that the cities of Turkey enjoy are:
Turkey's beautiful and picturesque nature, which has attracted huge numbers of tourists and visitors, and it is expected that the numbers will be larger in the coming days due to its stability in greenness, the opening of many nature reserves and parks, as well as its mild climate. Turkey is a country very rich in historical and tourist places and heritage sites, which makes it a destination for those interested in history and temporary visits to delight its tourists, both Turks and foreigners. The large availability of government service sectors and the establishment of many service projects to create, sell and invest real estate. The facilities provided by the Turkish government in the field of owning and investing real estate and cooperating with the investor with the aim of strengthening the Turkish real estate market and making it the best among the countries of the world.
This is what made the cities of Turkey the best place to own and invest real estate.

The best cities in Turkey to buy a property:

1. Istanbul city:

Istanbul is the economic, cultural and political capital of Turkey, Istanbul is famous for having a large and diversified real estate market, and this is reinforced by the presence of areas such as Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü and Buyukcekmece, which is considered a major real estate movement and includes a large number of investors and attracts foreign investors due to its diversity in real estate and cheap prices, and it has a great historical and tourist position because it contains huge projects such as the third bridge, Istanbul Canal and the third airport, which attracts large numbers of investors, and among these projects are investment projects that are interested in buying and selling residential real estate and are interested in this type of project in several areas, including Sultan Eyup, Bagcilar and Levent, which witnessed a great boom in the field of real estate ownership and investment .

Ankara city:

It is the political capital of the state of Turkey, where the capital provided great opportunities for investors by offering acceptable investment projects, and Ankara is also one of the best cities in Turkey for housing and residential investment.

2. Bursa city:

The city of Bursa is the preferred destination for investors who want great profit returns, because this city has the highest rental income in Turkey, and it also includes many industrial areas, and is also considered one of the most important cities with large residential investment.

3. Antalya city:

It is one of the cities with a very important tourist interface in Turkey, and it is the favorite place for tourists from all countries of the world, because of its tourist, regional and historical components that attract attention from all poles of the world.

4. Kocaeli City:

Kocaeli is a crowded city full of housing real estate, and it is one of the cities suitable for real estate investment. It is also an industrial city, which makes real estate prices in it always rise.

5. Izmir:

It is the third largest city in Turkey, and is the largest city attracting foreign investors, due to many reasons, including the new projects that Izmir is working on in urban transformation, in addition to the recent skyscraper projects.

6. Sakarya City:

One of the most famous areas of Sakarya in the field of real estate investment is Karasu, due to its projects to build a seaport, which brings back the real estate boom to the region and attracts investors and tourists.

7. Trabzon:

The city nicknamed the Green Queen sits on the throne of the Black Sea, the clouds waving in its sky and touching the highest peaks of its mountains, And distributed on the slopes of these mountains are beautiful and dazzling rural villages such as Ayder, and among its famous heights is the Hidirnebi, near the sea port of Trabzon, which is located next to the Black Sea. All of these factors make it a great tourist city and the preferred destination for tourists from all over the world, as well as people who love nature and the countryside are attracted to this city, due to the tourist, commercial and agricultural activities it witnesses.

Finally, it is necessary to point out a very important thing, which is that Turkey is rich in distinct and different real estate options that suit everyone without exception. The most prominent of these options are luxury residential complexes with high-end modern specifications, and we also have penthouses - triplexes - duplexes - townhouses - villas.
Let us point out a very important thing, which is that it is very easy to find distinguished real estate offers in Turkey because the most important construction companies go to build wonderful projects with modern specifications constantly, which made there a proportion between the size of supply and demand.

That is why Turkey's cities are considered a distinguished investment center that contains all the elements of investment prosperity and attracting investors, which made it a destination for most investors in the world.
The best real estate investment opportunities in Turkey we are keen to provide them to you constantly. You can now contact our real estate advisor to provide you with the assistance you are looking for.