Buying real estate in Turkey 2022

Turkey is one of the preferred countries for housing and investment for many people, and the reason for this is the strong economy that the country enjoys, and the urban boom in real estate construction, which led to the revitalization of the movement of buying and selling real estate in Turkey, In addition to the advantages of real estate in Turkey in terms of location, construction and furniture, the main contribution came from the great facilities provided by the Turkish government, which made Turkey a destination for most investors in the world and for those looking for upscale living and decent housing.

Steps to buy a property in Turkey:

The Turkish government has greatly contributed to facilitating the process of buying a property in Turkey for foreign and non-foreign investors, and this process was summarized in several stages and steps to ensure that the investor or those wishing to buy a property in Turkey that the purchase process is legal and ensure that you are not deceived by real estate companies in Turkey. :
Choosing a property is the main step in the process of buying a property in Turkey. This step depends mainly on the investor’s desire and requests. The requests of investors in choosing the property vary according to the type of investment in the property between residential investment and commercial investment, so the step of choosing the property consists of stages, namely:

Choosing the location:

The process of choosing the location of the property you want to buy is the first step that must be taken before buying, so the buyer is always interested in the location of the property. The location of the property plays a major role in determining the price of the property and in marketing and attracting investors to this property.
In order to choose a good location, you must inquire and ask about the specifications of cities in Turkey, because each city in Turkey has certain specifications and features that are different from the rest of the cities in terms of landscapes, living conditions, tourist attractions, commercial movement and infrastructure.
And every city in Turkey has certain specifications for its properties in terms of urban construction, furniture and public utilities, and when the investor chooses the city in which he wants to buy a property, then he must choose the location of the property within the city, and here the choice must be carefully to suit his requests,
If his property is close to a tourist attraction or lives among green spaces and water oases, or the property may be close to the city center, commercial markets, universities, schools, hospitals and other service centers in the city, or it may be that the property is within a specific residential project in the hope of the services that real estate enjoys in some residential projects.

Choosing the view:

This stage comes after the phase of choosing the location of the property. At this stage, the investor must choose the view of the property very carefully to suit his desire for residential investment or suit the customers’ desire for commercial investment. The view of the property plays an important role in attracting investors and tourists to it.Because the investor is always looking for a property with a beautiful view, either on a beach, a water lake, or large green spaces, which raises the value of the property and its price in the real estate market in Turkey, when the investor chooses a beautiful view of his property, he has great opportunities for profit through selling, leasing or even mortgaging the property, all of these actions bring him great profit and abundant money.

Furniture selection:

Here comes the role of the buyer to choose the real estate’s furniture, whether it is an apartment, villa or other types of real estate in Turkey. The real estate’s furniture consists of furniture, decorations and wall paint. The investor must choose the property with beautiful and modern furniture and in appropriate and consistent colors with the colors of the walls, which gives it aesthetics and affects the sale and investment of real estate at a higher price, which is one of the reasons why Turkey's real estate is a favorite destination for large numbers of investors around the world.


Real estate in Turkey is one of the best real estate in the world due to the presence of a strong infrastructure in the locations of these properties, especially in residential complexes, they have a distinctive infrastructure, as they are linked to a strong transportation network that connects them to city centers and important and populated areas, especially tourist areas and lakes, It is also characterized by the presence of universities close to residential complexes and famous real estate, and there are also public schools, private and government hospitals, and all departments nearby.

Urban construction:

Turkey is the land of ancient civilizations and the land of the heavenly religions. Its real estate must have a luxurious, ancient architectural structure and a tourist nature, which made the government and real estate companies interested in the urban construction of real estate, Therefore, the investor or who wants to buy a property in Turkey should choose a property with a beautiful and attractive urban structure that makes investing in it more beautiful and successful.

Agreeing on the price of the property:

After the investor chooses the property, he must inquire about real estate prices in the area in which he wishes to invest and evaluate the property in cooperation with several real estate offices, and then agree with the property owner or the company through which he invests on the terms of sale and the material value. This can only be done after a great study of the property and to look at the property from the ground and not on the Internet images, If an agreement is reached between the seller and the buyer, then the investor, i.e. the buyer, must pay a small amount of money, the so-called deposit, to ensure that no agreement is reached with another investor to sell the property.

Conclusion of the sales contract:

After the two parties fully agree on the price of the property and set the terms of the contract by mutual consent between the two parties, the sales contract is concluded with a notary or a lawyer to ensure that he is not exposed to deception or manipulation and that he will not cause real estate problems in the future.
It is important for the investor to extract the title deed papers after completing the contract papers and the real estate purchase license. This means transferring the property to the name of the buyer officially and legally.
Inspect and take out the property counters

Advantages of buying a property in Turkey:

Obtaining Turkish citizenship or real estate residence:

These are the most important advantages when buying a property in Turkey, as many people tend to buy a property in Turkey in order to obtain real estate residency or Turkish citizenship, The Turkish government facilitates the process of obtaining them through real estate investment, but within specific conditions, the most prominent of which is that the value of the property is not less than 400,000 US dollars for those wishing to obtain citizenship or 75,000 dollars for those wishing to obtain residency.

Residential investment potential:

Those who buy a property in Turkey can invest in it through housing and live in it, and the residence in the property can be permanent or temporary.

Business investment potential:

Anyone who buys a property in Turkey can invest in it by selling, renting or mortgaging it, and in all cases, it is a process that returns to the investor with great profits and continuous financial returns.