Real estate in Turkey is a successful investment par excellence

Real estate investment in Turkey and the guaranteed ways to achieve its success have become the talk of many businessmen of different nationalities in recent times. After the success of many investors in the real estate investment experience in Turkey and achieving high profits and financial returns, it has become the destination of many who wish to increase their money.
Through this article, you will see some details of real estate investment in Turkey.

Real estate investment in Turkey 2022:

Real estate investment is one of the most effective and widespread types of investments in the world and the reason for this are the advantages that characterize the real estate sector, which has led to the increasing number of investors from all over the world to buy real estate and reside in Turkey, After the government facilities that the Turkish government worked on to encourage real estate investment and purchase of real estate for foreign investors, as it allowed them to practice commercial real estate life in order to support the Turkish economy, so it allowed many nationalities to buy real estate in Turkey, especially after the principle of reciprocity was abolished in 2012 AD and enacted a set of laws and instructions to reduce taxes on investors and grant them real estate residence or Turkish citizenship upon achieving a set of conditions.

The real estate investment is either commercial for the purpose of selling and obtaining a high immediate profit at once, or for the purpose of leasing and obtaining financial profits, but not immediately. In order to achieve high profits and the success of the investment plan, it is necessary to stand the success factors of real estate investment in Turkey.

Diversity of real estate prices in Turkey to meet different desires:

What distinguishes the real estate market in Turkey is the low prices compared to neighboring European countries. The person wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey can allocate a medium budget for his investment project and go to the Turkish real estate market to buy an apartment or property. To determine the appropriate price for the allocated budget, the investor must take note of some things that can determine prices :

real estate location:

It plays a major role in determining the value of the property in terms of price and importance. The closer the property is to the city center and infrastructure centers, the higher the value of the price of this property.
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The city in which the property is located
Where it plays a role in determining the price of the property, where you find large differences in prices from one city to another, as real estate in Istanbul is more expensive than other Turkish cities, due to Istanbul's touristic position and is the first destination for any real estate investor in Turkey.

property view:

It is possible to determine a large difference in the price, especially if it is a view of the beach or a tourist attraction.

real estate cladding:

One of the most important factors affecting the financial return is the higher the quality, type and beauty of the cladding, the more it will attract a number of sales or renting operations, so the customer is always looking for a good or at least average cladding, and each type of this cladding sets a single price for the property.
Thus, this average price in Turkey attracts more investors to buy real estate, and then the demand in the real estate market in Turkey increases, which means increased opportunities for selling real estate, which means the success of the investment.

Diversity of forms of real estate investment in Turkey:

A real estate investor wishing to invest in Turkey can find a variety of real estate investment, and this distinguishes the real estate market in Turkey as it meets most of the requirements of investors, including apartments, houses, luxury villas, and others.
According to the investor’s budget, what is required is obtained, and therefore there are wide options that meet and suit all investors wishing to buy a property from the real estate market in Turkey. He can invest in a property for residence and residence. This investment is called residential real estate investment in Turkey, so he can sell or rent it and thus obtain profits from this investment or Commercial real estate investment can be invested, and this investment is called commercial real estate investment, such as investment in (offices, shops), and it can also be sold or rented.
Thus, real estate investment in Turkey does not obligate the investor to a certain desire, while it provides opportunities for investors with different desires to invest, which means that it gives the greatest opportunity for profit and success.

The movement of the real estate market in Turkey:

What the real estate market is witnessing in Turkey today in terms of buying and selling movements, rising indicators and expectations that indicate the continuation of the rising index in the coming years prompted more investors to go to Turkey to invest and buy real estate, and thus the demand for the real estate market in Turkey will increase, which means that prices will continue to rise, which means success Investing for existing investors and increasing the chance for the success of upcoming investors who want to invest in the near future.

Turkey's advantages:

Turkey today is the focus of the attention of many investors of different nationalities around the world, as it is characterized by many advantages at various levels
In terms of its location, it is located in a strategic area linking the three continents of the world and it overlooks the most important trade routes in the world in addition to its view of the most important seas of the world
In terms of tourist areas, it is rich in historical attractions, forests, mountains, and areas that are more attractive to most of the world's tourists
On the political level, the Turkish government's policy, which is described as friendly with most countries of the world, means political stability that results in security stability
On the economic level, what distinguishes the Turkish economy is stability, stability and strength in the face of all internal and external challenges
In terms of services, Turkey has a developed service infrastructure in various fields, from transportation, roads, and recreational service projects to hospitals, universities and schools, which are spread in most cities and regions of Turkey.
All these previous advantages have increased the number of investors heading to Turkey to invest, and therefore the investor who buys a property in Turkey enjoys living in a country described as God’s paradise on earth with political and economic stability, which means that he succeeded in his investment process and that the real estate investment he made was successful.

The advantages enjoyed by the real estate investor in Turkey:

The advantages enjoyed by the real estate investor in Turkey are many because of the facilities and guarantees Turkey offers to investors, and we mention:
The investor can benefit from renting the property, and this returns to him a fixed, continuous and agreed monthly income between the lessor and the lessee.
The possibility of selling real estate, which indicates that the value of real estate will continue to rise in the future
The possibility of obtaining real estate residence in Turkey after purchasing a property whose price is at least 75 thousand US dollars.
A real estate owner or real estate investor can obtain Turkish citizenship under specific conditions. There are many foreigners who were able to obtain Turkish citizenship after only several months of purchasing a property worth at least $ 400,000.
Low taxes in Turkey and favorable prices for real estate