Objectives of Buying Real Estate in Asian Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most important Turkish cities, due to political, economic and real estate reasons as well. The real estate market in Istanbul is distinguished from others by its richness, development and prosperity, especially in the Asian side of it, and that buying real estate in this region is the process carried out by a large number of investors because there are a number of real estate purchase goals in Asian Istanbul, which the investor wants to achieve and reach through real estate in Turkey.

Buying real estate on the Asian side of Istanbul:

Buying real estate is the main process that is relied upon by investors who covet the advantages of real estate in this region and have made it their targets in Turkey.

Objectives of buying real estate in Asian Istanbul:

There are several goals that those who want to buy a property on the Asian side of Istanbul from Turkish or foreign investors are interested in, and these goals vary according to the investor, whether he is Turkish or foreign.

-For the Turks:

For the Turkish investor or the Turkish person who wants to buy a property in this region, the objectives based on buying this property are related to the internal affairs of the country and things that are not common between Asian Istanbul and his original city, that is, because there are features in it that are not present in his city, and among these objectives:

* Enjoying the beauty of nature in Asian Istanbul:

This region is considered one of the most beautiful regions of Turkey and the city of Istanbul in particular, due to the large spread of its natural ingredients, and these ingredients are:

-Rivers and water oases that spread on the outskirts of the region, green squares and scattered trees of various types, and there is a Caddebostan beach, which is one of the most beautiful landscape in the region, which receives large numbers of tourists and investors who live in Asian Istanbul, in addition to public and private parks and other elements that make real estate in this region a target for purchase by Turks who live in other cities where there is no beautiful terrain such as Asian Istanbul.

* Enjoying the beauty of history in Asian Istanbul:

The historical importance of Istanbul is no less important than the beauty of its terrain and the splendor of its views, due to the presence of many historical tourist attractions in the area visited by a large number of tourists and investors, and these landmarks are:

-Brides Hill, one of the highest hills that surround the city of Istanbul, overlooking all neighborhoods and it has an attractive and picturesque view, in addition to the Maiden’s Tower, which is in the middle of the Bosphorus waters of importance and a wonderful view, and the famous Baghdad Street, which is the most important and oldest commercial center in the region, in addition to the palaces in it such as Kucuksu Palace and Beylerbeyi Palace, which dates back to centuries old, which is the center that attracts Turkish and foreign investors and tourists to Istanbul.

Residential investment:

In this type of investment, the goal of buying a property in this region is to live in it, settle within the Asian city of Istanbul and live life in it.

Commercial investment:

As for commercial investment, the goal of buying real estate is to trade in it, either by selling it, mortgaging it, or renting it. There are great options for commercial investment and the benefit from it is great and the profit is also guaranteed, in addition to the facilities provided by the government in this regard.

Living in the same environment, customs and traditions:

When a Turk moves from one city to another within Turkey, this will be easy and not difficult for the foreigner who comes to live in the cities of Turkey, especially in the Asian side of Istanbul, this region is the best haven for Turkish and foreign investors, especially that the customs and traditions are the same in all cities in Turkey and society in this region welcomes all races and religions.

- For foreigners:

For a foreigner coming from outside Turkey who wants to buy a property in the Asian side of Istanbul, the purpose of this process is to obtain some of the goals and gains that this foreigner dreams of achieving, and these goals are based on change, and among these goals:

1- Living within the society and traditions of Istanbul:

Mixing with the Turkish people with their joys and comforts and living among them is a strong goal for buying real estate in it for foreigners coming from outside Turkey, especially for what Turkish societies are famous for in terms of morals, discipline and conservatism, in addition to the mutual respect between members of society, which is what the original residents of Istanbul are famous for.