What do you know about the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Turkey has recently topped the list of countries in which people want to live and naturalize, because of the elements it contains of calm, security and political and economic stability, which made everyone want to obtain Turkish citizenship, especially those who live in poor security and living conditions, and are looking for another country to live a decent life away from human danger, and to escape the difficult economic conditions, and the Turkish government opened the way for foreign naturalization, and provided great facilities in the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship, especially for real estate investors.


Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship is a process that brings all the benefits to the person who obtains it, due to the many advantages that it offers to people in order to guarantee them an easier and better living life. Among the advantages enjoyed by the holder of Turkish citizenship are:
1. Openness in travel Turkish citizenship provides its holder with great opportunities to travel and enables him to travel to 70 countries distributed around the world from America to Australia, without the need for a visa.
2. Facilitating paperwork. The holder of Turkish citizenship can get his identification papers out, and obtain a passport, contract papers, and title deed with great ease. Nationality entitles its owner to take all the legal procedures he needs without trouble.
3. Free transportation: Obtaining Turkish citizenship guarantees you a decent life even after you reach a late age. The government grants Turkish citizenship holders who are over 65 a free transport card that entitles you to move by land within Turkey for free without having to pay transportation fees and charges, allowing a better and easier living life.
4. Prohibition of Professions Prohibited to Foreigners: In Turkey, foreigners are prohibited from practicing some professions such as pharmacy, veterinary medicine and law, but special permission is granted to those who hold Turkish citizenship to practice the profession of their choice without exceptions, which attracts certificate holders, scientific and practical experiences and businessmen to Turkey with the intention of obtaining Turkish citizenship and the practice of their businesses and professions with the intention of obtaining greater material wages.
5. Enjoying electoral rights: Those who hold Turkish citizenship can participate in the right of Turkish citizens to elect directorates and municipal councils, which gives them security, a sense of patriotism, and the oppression of alienation.
6. The right to own real estate: Having Turkish citizenship makes you open to owning real estate in Turkey and even investing in it, and without citizenship, you will only be able to own real estate in the name of a real estate company.
7. A sense of patriotism: When you obtain Turkish citizenship, this will keep you away from many problems in Turkish society, as you guarantee that you will not be exposed to racial discrimination or inequality and help you greatly to integrate into Turkish society.

In a nutshell, obtaining Turkish citizenship makes you a Turkish citizen with specific conditions and limits, and it contributes greatly to your success in Turkey and guarantees you your right as a Turkish citizen. All these advantages have made Turkish citizenship a dream for some people, and in order to obtain it, several conditions must be met by them.


Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

In view of the large numbers that want to obtain Turkish citizenship, the Turkish government has set conditions for obtaining it. These conditions included some facilities, including:
Confirmation to the government of the desire to reside in Turkey, and several steps must be taken to confirm your desire to reside, including:
Owning a property in Turkey by buying it.
Create a relatively permanent job.
Investing in Turkey in any way.
Marriage of a man to a Turkish citizen or a woman to a Turkish citizen.
Complete your education in Turkey.
Not suffering from any kind of serious disease.
Obtaining a work permit in Turkey.
His Turkish language is quite good.
Turkish citizenship is not granted to those who do not fulfill the previous conditions in full, except in some cases and they are called exceptions, and those who are in special cases and circumstances are excluded and they are granted citizenship directly.


Those who are excluded from the conditions of Turkish citizenship:

The Turkish government excludes those who are considered an immigrant and grants them Turkish citizenship.
The Turkish government also excludes those who are considered important people who will provide services to Turkey, such as scientists, researchers, inventors and others who can contribute to the development of the country.


Other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship:

There are other ways that enable you to obtain Turkish citizenship quickly and with complete ease:
Owning a property in Turkey enables you to obtain Turkish citizenship, but provided that the value of the property exceeds 400 thousand US dollars, then your paperwork can proceed in the application for Turkish citizenship, and it will be granted to you within 3 months for all family members who are under the age of 18.
Marriage to a Turkish citizen contributes to granting you Turkish citizenship, but on condition that the marriage period exceeds at least 3 years, with some conditions, including that you prove that your purpose in marriage is to build a family and not only for the sake of Turkish citizenship, and that this person is not registered as a danger to society or national security after verifying his ethics.
Turkish citizenship is granted to those who were of Turkish origin, but before that, their origins must be proven with the necessary papers and required documents, and you must stay in Turkey for a period of no less than two years.
Turkish citizenship is also granted to those who adopt a Turkish citizen who is not an adult, after ensuring the safety of the person and that his registration is not a danger to Turkish society.
Recently, it has become easy for foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship, or it has become possible for those who wish to obtain it because of the conditions in their country, and want to start a new life away from chaos and wars, due to the facilities provided by the Turkish government in this regard.



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