The best real estate investment areas in Istanbul

The importance of real estate investment in Istanbul cannot be disputed, due to its countless advantages, in addition to its extension on two continents at the same time, which made there a multiplicity of areas, specifications and many options.
The editorial team at TAMAM LAMA Real Estate will inform you through the following article about the most important investment areas in that city. We wish you an enjoyable and useful reading.


Whether you want to invest in Asian or European Istanbul, you have to see the most important areas that you will find on both sides, and this is what we will present in the following paragraphs.


Sile area has attracted the attention of most investors, especially in the last five years, as it contains a pleasant climate and a privileged location away from the congestion and noise in the city center, thus enjoying a quiet and peaceful life.
It is also one of the tourist areas in Istanbul, and this is a positive point in favor of real estate investment in the Sile region. The Sile region has many types of apartments. It is possible to find villas for sale, separate houses, regular apartments or farms.


This region contains many roads linking it with the vital and bustling areas, and the Turkish government is working on the urban expansion in it due to the availability of important factors “history, nature, location” Which contributed to the increase in the real estate investment creep towards it due to the construction of villas and residential complexes that take sophistication and luxury as their title, except for the quality of construction and unique designs, so the Beykoz area is one of the most important real estate investment areas in Istanbul.


Arnavutkoy is the center of infrastructure projects, the most important of which is Istanbul Airport, which is the largest airport in the world, the Istanbul Canal Project, Istanbul's Third Bridge, all of these projects have led to investors' greed to invest in its lands, and the prices of apartments in Arnavutkoy are low compared to the prices of other areas of Istanbul for an investor looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, Arnavutkoy will be the right choice for him.


It is expected that the Tuzla region will witness a significant increase in real estate prices, after the Turkish government's completion of the air train project
Which will be worked on soon, and transportation is available as it is close to the metro line and the second airport.


It is expected that the profits from real estate investment in the Basaksehir area will be very high, due to the fact that it will be among the first five areas in which the prices of apartments will rise, as the Turkish state provides good livelihoods and huge projects, as the Basaksehir area embraces the “Bio Istanbul” project. Medical City Complex, Which is considered the largest medical city in Europe and includes many specialized medical units, research and development and cultural centers that will later be a reason for the advancement of tourism in Turkey, and this is one of the reasons why investors prefer the Basaksehir region.


As for Beylikdüzü, it is the right destination for anyone looking for urban modernity, sophistication and modernity. In the recent period, it has become a destination for the most important construction companies that worked on building and constructing the most important luxury projects and important investment projects, which made it one of the most important real estate investment areas in Istanbul.
The prices of real estate and apartments in that area are very encouraging, and if you compare them with prices in other areas, you will find them cheap, but they are likely to rise in the coming period due to their proximity to the most important infrastructure projects in the city, as well as due to the significant increase in demand.
What makes real estate investment in Beylikduzu Istanbul special is that it has a developed and modern infrastructure and the passage of the Metrobus line from it, which gave it a lot of importance.


One of the questions that real estate investors in Turkey have (what is the future of investing in it, will real estate prices rise or fall)?
According to many experts and specialists in the real estate sector in Turkey, prices will rise significantly during the coming period, which may exceed fifty percent, for a number of reasons, most notably:
- High prices of building materials.
- Continuation of the Turkish citizenship program through real estate investment.
- Significant and noticeable increase in demand for real estate ownership in Turkey.
- Significantly high population density.
- Infrastructure development and its reflection on the real estate sector.
There are those who wonder whether the Asian side is better or the European side for real estate investment in Istanbul? Both sides offer you a lot of unique investment opportunities, but before you make your choice, there is a set of information that you should know about them and they are as follows.
- The Asian side is suitable for anyone looking for a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle.
- In the Asian section you will find a lot of wide green spaces and parks.
- The European side is more lively, noisy and densely populated.
- The most important and most luxurious real estate projects you can find in European Istanbul.
- On the European side you will find many important historical and archaeological monuments.
- European Istanbul embraces the most important infrastructure projects such as: Istanbul New Airport - Istanbul Water Canal and others.
Important details about real estate investment in Istanbul we provided to you in this article, and do not forget that the best and most important investment opportunities in this city are presented to you when you contact us and provide you with a set of advice and consultations that you need.