Stages of buying a property in Turkey 2022

Today, Turkey has a competitive real estate market for the great countries in the world. Its real estate market is classified as the fourth market in the world. Today, the Turkish real estate market has become a destination for many Arab and foreign investors because of its many advantages of openness to European countries on the one hand, and adherence to Islamic customs and traditions on the other hand, not to mention the geographical location, the mild climate and the tourist areas scattered in most of the Turkish states.


Buying real estate in Turkey:

Whether you are an outside investor or one of the indigenous people of Turkey and you are looking for your dream house or apartment, the real estate market in Turkey will provide you with what you need.
In Turkey, there are many real estate companies and sellers with various real estate specifications and prices. You can buy a property directly from the owner, or from the real estate company based on it, or you can find what you like and what you like of the types and requirements you need, you can also find private properties for rent If you do not want to buy or want temporary accommodation for visitors and tourists.
Returning to the statistics and studies conducted on the movement of the Turkish real estate market, the percentage of Turkish real estate purchases increased in recent years by foreign investors for several reasons, the most important of which may be the facilities provided by the Turkish government in government transactions and the government advantages granted to these investors.

But Turkey, like other countries, imposes a set of restrictions on foreign investors that they must implement in order for them to have the right to buy and own real estate. A foreigner cannot buy property in a military or security zone, and he cannot own real estate with an area of ​​more than 2.5 hectares. As for the price of the property, it does not differ between the foreigner or the Turkish in terms of the price of the property.
Hence, we can summarize the necessary steps to buy Turkish real estate and those interested in investing and setting up projects in Turkey.


Steps of the process of buying a property in Turkey:

The process of buying real estate in Turkey goes through a number of stages that the investor must know in order to achieve success in his investment project. Once he knows the steps and procedures involved, he will have achieved the largest part of the success plan for the real estate investment project that he draws...

He must initially define the goals of the purchase process before entering the Turkish real estate market, that is, he must specify what he wants and the purpose of the purchase. So if he wants to buy apartments in Turkey without specifying the state, or apartments in Istanbul in particular.
He must know all the conditions that must be met by the appropriate property to obtain Turkish citizenship if he wants to obtain it.

He must also specify the budget allocated for such an investment project in the first place so that he does not have to fall into a mortgage and be compatible with the required financial budget.
He must specify the general specifications of the property he wants to buy. If the property is an apartment, he must specify how he wants it. Does he want it on the upper or lower floors? Want an apartment, big or small? Its view? Close and far from government centers? The quality of the building materials and cladding used? Special decorations and exterior design? Number of rooms, bathrooms, balcony, other facilities, etc.

All of these things that we have already mentioned have a role in determining the direction that the investor will go to in the Turkish real estate market, and it is easier for real estate companies and sellers to move to the next steps to complete the sale process and choose the real estate agent, whether it is an individual or a company with a great reputation and wide fame.

How do I choose a real estate agent?

Thousands of real estate agents (companies, individuals) spread in the Turkish real estate market.
The investor must carefully research and listen to all the offers that can be made by real estate agents, the reputation of the agent in the market has its impact, the type of services and offers he provides and discuss with partners and whether the investor has partners in his project or not.
After the process of searching and listening to the offers of real estate agents, and making sure of the quality of the services they provide, you must go to the property you want to buy or view the services provided for other properties and the projects that have been offered to it.

After that, there will be a round of price negotiation to ensure getting the best prices, and here comes the task of the real estate agent. So the real estate agent you have chosen can highlight the extent of the experience he has in negotiating and the extent of the relationships he has with real estate companies. Then, as an investor, if you like the price, you can freeze this price by providing a deposit "a certain amount of money according to the total value of the property according to an agreement between the seller and the investor, which obliges him to sell at the agreed price, regardless of the new movements and fluctuations in the Turkish real estate market."

Then the process of carrying out the legal procedures for the formal purchase and ownership process begins.

- Where he must prepare the papers to buy the property, so he ratifies them.
- He must also obtain a tax number in Turkey of his own, and open a special bank account in Turkish government banks or a private bank, to complete the purchase process.
- After that, he obtains the documents proving his right to the ownership of the property.


Proof of ownership of Turkish real estate:

After the investor signs the real estate purchase contract and transfers the entire agreed price to the seller's account, he must go to the Land Registry Department to install the purchase contract and obtain the government papers and privileges provided when owning real estate in Turkey.
But there are some things that precede obtaining the title deed. The investor must pay some government fees and taxes. The title deed tax must be paid and it is paid once. The government instructions state that the value of this tax is 4% of the property value in addition to the fees for opening a new water subscription. Electricity and other services.
The annual tax, which is paid once a year, is a tax on real estate insurance against earthquakes and natural disasters.

The supporting paper that the investor obtains is the title deed, or as it is called in Turkey the Tapu, which is a document that proves the ownership of the property by the foreign or local investor in a legal capacity, and bears the name and photo of the property owner, the type and location of the property, and detailed information about the property. Under this document, its owner is allowed the right to benefit from and dispose of it and the ability to obtain Turkish real estate residency, or obtain Turkish citizenship, according to government instructions granted to real estate investors in Turkey.