Villas for sale in the  European side of Istanbul 2022

With the boom in real estate in Turkey, the forms of investments and types of buildings in it varied, and the number of investors of all nationalities increased, especially in Istanbul, due to its qualifications and advantages in urban development, and its tourist, commercial and natural ingredients to attract those who wish to live or buy in a calm environment surrounded by public and private service centers as well as various commercial centers, especially since Istanbul has two sections the Asian and European, the European one is characterized by all service and commercial qualities and is in line with modern and contemporary European urban developments.


Villas for sale in the European side of Istanbul:

Villas are considered one of the most luxurious types of modern buildings and the most widespread in the world and the most sought after by investors with money, especially businessmen, or those who intend to buy villas either for the purpose of living in them and here we may mean the richest category or to sell them and make profits from them, these villas have been designed with contemporary urban designs and in different forms. Among them, we find large villas that include a residential building consisting of several floors, in addition to many gardens surrounding the building and many different trees. The building includes family swimming pools, private parking and other accessories. Villas have spread rapidly and widely on the European side of Istanbul, and their sales and investment have increased in this aspect, due to many advantages that make them the focus of investors' attention.


Features of villas in the European side of Istanbul:

1. The low price of real estate in Turkey compared to European countries, what comes to the mind of a foreign investor who wants to buy villas first is the large and huge price, but despite the expensiveness of this type of buildings, their prices in Turkey are the lowest compared to European countries, buying villas in the European side of Istanbul is less expensive than in other European countries, which encourages many foreign investors to choose to invest in real estate in the European side of Istanbul, and it is also a great investment opportunity.
2. Well-equipped and modern design, this is what distinguishes the villas in the European side of Istanbul, where they are of excellent first-class cladding worthy of the villas’ urbanity and modernity and keeping pace with international specifications, it is also characterized by good service and equipped with energy from lighting and good furniture.
3. The location of these villas, the location of the villa plays a key role in its price and ensures the success of investment in it, so that the locations of the villas are in tourist areas near the distinctive natural areas or commercial areas and service centers in the city center, especially since European Istanbul includes a large number of trade centers and tourism places and nature reserves.
4. The large area, the villas in the European side of Istanbul are characterized by their large areas, the increase in the area of ​​one room with the appropriate number of rooms, the good organization of the rooms and the diversity in their areas, between bedrooms, sitting rooms and kitchens, and the good preparation of the attached facilities, as they are usually designed to be the residence of families.
5. Quality and luxury, villas are a type of luxury building in general, but the villas in the European side of Istanbul are of higher quality than their counterparts in European countries, due to the introduction of new ideas for the modernization and development of villas from the inside and outside and in terms of the quality of materials used in their construction.
6. Turkish citizenship, buying villas in Turkey in general and in the European side of Istanbul in particular qualifies you to obtain Turkish citizenship, as owning a property in Turkey is a prerequisite for obtaining Turkish citizenship with a guarantee that the property will not be sold for less than 3 years from the date of its first purchase.


Diversity of villas in the European side of Istanbul:

All the advantages that Istanbul villas have made the world's investors turn to the European side of Istanbul, specifically the villas that have good features and locations and have a touristic nature and a contemporary and modern urban character, and the areas with villas available for sale:

Villas for sale in Beylikduzu:

It is considered one of the most important areas to search for villas for sale on the European side of Istanbul. It has a distinctive view of the Marmara Sea. Life in it is healthy due to the expansion of green spaces and the presence of nature reserves. The area has witnessed a great boom in the field of real estate as there are many distinct residential complexes and villas with high-end designs in addition to their advanced infrastructure
It is also surrounded by important areas such as Avcilar to the east, Esenyurt to the north, and Buyukcekmece to the west.
Beylikduzu villas are distinguished by their great organization, and this is what made them the focus of attention for everyone looking for villas for sale. It is also characterized by a transportation line that connects it to surrounding areas through the metrobus line.
Real estate prices in Beylikduzu are appropriate compared to real estate prices in other areas, but in recent days, villas in Beylikduzu have seen a great demand from foreign investors.


Villas for sale in Basaksehir:

Basaksehir is a modern and sophisticated interface for the European side of Istanbul in various aspects of life. Basaksehir includes many tourist destinations, including Mall of Istanbul, which is an important tourist destination in Istanbul, It also contains the largest artificial lake in Istanbul, in addition to the advanced infrastructure and a modern transportation network linking all its streets and areas, Basaksehir is distinguished by its proximity to Istanbul's new airport as well as the new Istanbul Water Canal, as well as the fact that it hosts the largest hospital in the continent of Europe (Başakşehir Medical City), which is characterized by its large capacity and is a world-class hospital that is equivalent to eight hospitals at the same time.


Villas for sale in Bahcesehir:

Bahcesehir occupies a strategic location in the northwest of Kucukcekmece Lake, and due to its beauty, accuracy and splendor of organization, it was called the city of gardens and also called the amazing city.
It is very close to all the beautiful areas in Istanbul due to its easy access to it through Basaksehir. The villas are characterized by a high level of safety and luxury, but the prices rise from time to time and vary from one property to another according to its proximity to the lake.

Thus, we see the large number of villas available for sale on the European side of Istanbul, which is one of the most important investment projects in the Turkish real estate market.