Great diversity within the Turkish real estate market

During the last period, the real estate market in Turkey witnessed a lot of remarkable developments and prosperity, and despite the collapses in the Turkish economy, it managed to maintain its prestigious position, and it is clear to all of us that the high demand for Turkish real estate, this is due to several important reasons, foremost of which is the presence of great diversity in the Turkish real estate market, which has contributed to the real estate boom in this country by attracting foreign investment, due to the diversity in the returns on profits from real estate investment within it.


The most important options in the real estate market in Turkey:

In different countries of the world there are many types and forms of real estate, but real estate in Turkey is completely different from the common types of real estate around the world, Therefore, if you are interested in obtaining a property in Turkey, you must familiarize yourself with the conditions related to its real estate market, so that you can form a complete idea that will help you make profits from your investment in the Turkish real estate market.


Types of real estate in Turkey:

1. Residential Turkey Real Estate:

Residential real estate is known to be the most in demand within the Turkish real estate market, and there is no doubt that the highest turnout is for foreigners, in addition, these residential complexes are widely spread in all Turkish cities, especially Istanbul, Ankara, and Bursa, which has the highest rate of residential complexes within Turkey.

Also, the designs and buildings within these complexes follow the advanced international standards, which are represented in the building and construction materials, the space allocated for each apartment and the design from the inside.

As for the quality of these residential complexes, it depends on a number of characteristics and advantages, such as the distinctive view, geographical locations and proximity to services.

It is also characterized by many services represented in security services for the availability of heavy guard and security personnel 24/7.

The apartments in Turkey, especially those located within residential complexes, have swimming pools, Turkish baths, as well as saunas, gardens, private playgrounds, and a number of fitness centers.

As well as services related to the care and periodic maintenance of buildings.
It also relies on an immediate payment system or installments to collect the required amount, according to the contract concluded between the seller and buyer parties.


2. Real estate in Turkey from palaces and villas:

Villas vary within Turkey, to be divided into tourist palaces and residential palaces.

In addition, large numbers of villas are available within the coastal, rural and suburban areas.

This type of villa is distinguished by its charming view and its huge area, unlike ordinary houses.


3. Independent Residential Apartments:

They are residential apartments that were built inside buildings, each building is independent of what is around it and does not follow any housing projects, as it does not have the advantages of the apartments that were established within the new residential projects.

The shapes of the apartments vary between new and what needs maintenance and development.
It is also the best choice for those who want to get rid of the monthly rental expenses, and also those who aspire to invest their money by buying a property in Turkey at the lowest possible financial cost.


4. Duplex apartments:

The duplex in Turkey consists of two floors connected by a staircase from the inside. The number of rooms within the duplex ranges between two bedrooms (1+2), and up to six bedrooms (1+6) and sometimes more, and the space varies according to the buyer's desire.

The duplex is distinguished from others that it is the best option for families among the available types of real estate, and the reason for this is because the duplex can be divided into two separate apartments, so that one floor is a separate apartment from the other, while the cost of the duplex is less expensive than the independent villas.


5. Old apartments:

The age of the buildings in which the old apartments are located in Turkey exceeds 20 years, and the price of these apartments varies according to the year of construction of the building in which they are located, and its geographical location.

Thus, it provides many options for the foreign investor, or those who wish to own a property in Turkey in general.

The most distinguishing feature of these properties from others is the low price of the old property by 10%-30%, thus being suitable for the vast majority of people.


6. Penthouses:

The penthouse is a type of apartment located on the top floor of huge buildings, towers and skyscrapers, occupies the total area of ​​the roof, with a terrace that makes you enjoy the outdoors, and follows in its divisions the styles of high-priced luxury apartments, most of the time it has a private pool, It is independent of all the apartments in the building.


7 - Townhouse apartments:

The townhouse takes the form of a small villa with rooms attached to each other, and has a unified architectural character, provided that the separate villa contains a small garden from the inside, and the number of floors varies between one to two floors.


8 - Twin house apartments:

Twin House is two villas that are closely connected to each other, and are identical in terms of the number of rooms and floors, provided that each of them has its own entrance from the other and an independent garden.


Commercial real estate in Turkey:

Also, commercial real estate in Turkey varies greatly and distinctly, and through the following paragraphs, we detail the most important of them.

1. Malls and stores:

The right choice for anyone who aspires to make financial gains, is to open stores to sell foodstuffs, clothes, paints, and many other things.

Provided that there are a number of options for those wishing to open independent shops and stores that are open on the streets, and these shops are at the bottom of residential complexes and buildings, or open shops and stores inside malls and major shopping centers.


2. Offices:

There are two types of properties, one of which is called "Office", and the other is called "Home Office".

As for the office, it means the office or real estate that is placed inside a separate building or a number of offices that are suitable for commercial works, which are real estate offices and law offices.
But the Home Office, in terms of its design, allows it to be an office or a house and can be used for both purposes together, but if the property has been allocated as a commercial office, it must be used as an office only.


3. Hotels:

The entire hotel, which contains a number of hotel rooms and suites for visitors, is considered one of the best options for investing money, and the percentage of profit from this investment depends on the evaluation obtained by the hotel, which varies from place to place between “two stars, or 3 stars, or 4 stars and 5 stars.” ".


4 - Restaurants and coffee shops:

Restaurants and coffee shops can be inside shopping centers or on public streets, and they are widely spread throughout the city of Istanbul, and the investor can make huge profits through them.
These were the most prominent options provided by the real estate market in Turkey, and if you have any other questions or inquiries, you can contact us to provide you with all the details you need to know .. Trust that you will be with the most important real estate consultants in Turkey.



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