Obtaining a Turkish real estate residence permit 2022 AD

There is no doubt that obtaining Turkish real estate residency is one of the most important goals that all investors who go to this country to invest in. Turkey, which enjoys a charming nature and a wonderful climate, is a country that was and still is a desirable destination for foreigners of different nationalities. Today, it offers them opportunities to obtain Turkish real estate residency and living in it In addition to the low cost of living compared to neighboring countries and European countries, hence the importance of obtaining Turkish real estate residency, which also enables foreign investors to obtain a Turkish passport (Turkish citizenship) Within a period not exceeding 90 days from the date of obtaining a document proving the investment within real estate projects in the amount of 400 thousand dollars or more.


Benefits of obtaining Turkish real estate residency:

Obtaining the Turkish real estate residency is a goal and an opportunity for foreign investors to obtain it. It is a right of the investor who owns a property, whether the property is habitable or not. Obtaining it has many advantages for the investor, as they are:
The investor and the family of a wife and children under the age of 18 are granted residence in Turkey in accordance with and implementation of the country's laws.
Ease of procedures and transactions for renewal
Ease of movement between different Turkish cities
Access to government services provided to citizens
The right to education in Turkish public schools and universities
Obtaining free services in Turkish government hospitals
The real estate investor in Turkey can obtain permanent residence in Turkey after 8 years of obtaining the Turkish real estate residence. He can also obtain Turkish citizenship when he fulfills the condition for granting citizenship stipulated in Turkish law. This can be done when owning a Turkish property with a value of more than 400 thousand US dollars.


How to obtain a Turkish real estate residence:

A foreign investor can obtain Turkish real estate residency when he fulfills a set of conditions
Buying a Turkish property, whether it is an apartment, a commercial store, or a real estate investment land
The property price must be at least $75,000.
Obtaining identification papers and title deed (Tabu)

On the part of the investor, he only has to implement a set of legal procedures that authorize him to obtain it and enjoy its advantages. When buying a Turkish property and obtaining identification papers, therefore, he can apply for a renewable residence, all he has to do is follow the following steps:
Apply for residence by booking a place online through the website of the Turkish Immigration Department
Gather the required documents
Conducting the interview at the Turkish Immigration Directorate
Completing the required procedures and handing over the papers to the employees of the Directorate of Immigration
Paying a set of Turkish government fees charged
Waiting to know whether or not the approval in order to obtain the Turkish real estate residence permit by the Turkish Immigration Department
The investor can obtain the real estate residence card after completing all the previous procedures and approval of the Turkish Immigration Department.


Documents required for obtaining a Turkish real estate residency:

1. Special order sheet to get it
2. The investor's personal papers (passport - visa registered with the Turkish entry stamp - family book translated into Turkish and certified)
3. A property seismic insurance (DASK)
4. Medical Insurance
5. A document proving the investor's real estate ownership (title deed)
6. 4 personal photos
7. Investor's bank account
8. A fixed monthly income for the investor is not less than $500
After collecting the required papers and completing all the procedures, the investor can obtain the Turkish real estate residence permit for a period of one or two years, in accordance with the laws of the Turkish authorities, which provides for the possibility of authorizing the competent authorities and immigration directorates to grant foreign citizens wishing to obtain Turkish real estate residence residence for a period of no less than a year for two years renewable, how is it renewed?
As for the renewal of the Turkish real estate residence permit, it is very easy, as the residence owner must only prove that he continues to own a Turkish property by making sure that the property is still registered in the Real Estate Department (Title Deed Directorate) of the Turkish government authorities to be able to renew his residence.


Required fees to obtain residency:

The costs of obtaining Turkish real estate residency are simple and easy compared to other available residencies. The costs of obtaining them include health insurance - seismic insurance for buildings - and fees related to the real estate ownership document, which depends on the value of the property to be purchased, which is 9.7% of the total property price, the fees for obtaining the real estate appraisal document, in addition to some other fees related to the taxes to be paid, and this tax includes the property owner, his wife and his children.


Benefits of real estate investment in Turkish cities:

One of the most important advantages of real estate investment in Turkey is obtaining Turkish real estate residency. Obtaining it allows its owner to enjoy the rights of education, medical care and living in Turkey legally. According to Turkish law, it authorizes the government agencies responsible for immigration to grant those wishing to obtain Turkish real estate residency to give them a renewable document, so who can obtain it?

According to the law of the Turkish authorities and in accordance with the articles of Laws No. 31, 32 and 33 of the Turkish Real Estate Residence Law, to obtain Turkish real estate residence permits, it is necessary to submit to the Turkish government law and in addition to Articles 28 and 29, of the relevant executive regulations, Applying the Law of Foreigners and International Protection, which includes obtaining a short-term, renewable residence that can be given to foreigners investing in real estate in Turkey


Why Turkey’s Real Estate:

Turkey has a very attractive real estate market, with its strategic location between East and West and its embrace of the most important seas in the world (Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea).
Making it a destination for foreigners and investors to obtain Turkish real estate residency. In recent years, Turkey has witnessed a strong renaissance at all levels, whether in construction, universities or the health field, It combines work in the economic field with Western lifestyle, in addition to many changes in legal systems and housing and architectural trends for buildings in them. Today, it has become a distinguished real estate market that most investors seek for profit and stability.
Istanbul is one of the most important Turkish cities and the most desirable for foreign investors, as it is the largest city and the economic capital, which pushes investors more to build investment projects in it than other Turkish cities, for some, Antalya is the most desirable city for stability. It is a coastal city with a pleasant and attractive climate that attracts foreigners to buy real estate for summer holidays and vacation times.


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