Apartments for sale in Beylikduzu

Turkey today is the preferred destination for most real estate investors, and this is what has been witnessed in the last five years of the increase in investors in Turkish cities, especially Arab investors. This has greatly affected the types and quality of real estate, including apartments or villas, as well as an impact on their prices according to their location, and among the most famous Turkish cities in the field of real estate, selling and investing is the city of Istanbul with its Asian and European parts, and Beylikdüzü is one of the most famous areas of Istanbul.


Accommodation in Beylikduzu apartments:

Beylikduzu is considered one of the most important areas of Istanbul on the European side of it, and investors have gone to buy real estate in this area for several reasons, the most important of which are:
Strategic location: Beylikduzu is in the middle of the European Istanbul region, close to the highways connecting with the rest of Istanbul's European regions, and it is also located to the north of the famous Marmara Sea and east of the famous Büyükçekmece.
Its picturesque nature: Beylikduzu is characterized by an attractive green nature, large grassy areas, multiple water oases, in addition to a wide lake, and the calm and fresh air of Beylikdüzü's environment.
Apartment views: Apartments, villas and residential complexes are being built near lakes and green squares and close to picturesque nature centers and to ensure that the view is the most beautiful, overlooking the lake or public facilities.
Infrastructure: Beylikduzu has a strong infrastructure and has good transportation links. This is helped by the development of Turkish road traffic in the center of the region, in addition to wide streets, good traffic organization, and public facilities that are widely spread throughout the region.


Service centers:

There are sufficient service centers in Beylikduzu, including government schools, hospitals and medical centers, which contribute to attracting investors and help develop the movement of buying and selling real estate.


average price:

Prices in Istanbul in general vary from one region to another, depending on the nature, luxury and location of the region. The prices of apartments vary from one complex to another according to its location, its proximity to the lake, and its proximity to health and educational centers.


The presence of public utilities

Public facilities are spread in all neighborhoods of Beylikdüzü. There are many different markets, whether commercial markets, various complexes and malls, and it also contains many sports clubs, public swimming pools, public parks, many restaurants, recreational places and public facilities that are considered one of the most important requirements for increasing the desire to reside in an area within the residential communities.


urban planning:

What distinguishes this region is the enormous urban organization, and good planning for the distribution of buildings in an orderly manner, we note the spread of earthquake-resistant buildings of high quality, the various designs in the construction of buildings scattered in the city, the correct distribution of building sites with the spread of green spaces in them .. This makes it one of the most organized areas in terms of urbanization in Istanbul.


Tourist places:

There are many tourist places in this region that are visited by tourists from most parts of the world, such as Suleiman Pasha Palace, which indicates the urban creativity of the Ottomans, in addition to the Buyukcekmece Bridge, which was built in 1955, in addition to many parks and large green spaces that are suitable for hiking and family trips .


Shopping Center:

Beylikduzu contains many markets and multiple commercial centers that contain most of the products of international brands, as well as many popular traditional markets, where these markets are famous for their simplicity, so you can find popular Turkish foods, traditional Turkish clothes in these markets, what distinguishes these markets is that they contain all the needs of the population at reasonable prices.


Advantages of real estate investment in Beylikduzu:

With all that this region has in terms of its location and climate, and the features that the Turkish government seeks to provide and develop, it works and strives to provide most public services with the latest technologies. The spread of hospitals, universities, markets, and many modern service projects led to the orientation of many real estate investors and the recovery of the real estate market in the region. Which led to the prosperity of the field of investment, as it is one of the most organized areas in the urban sector compared to the other suburbs of Istanbul, not to mention the urban techniques used in apartments and homes, where smart homes and luxury apartments that match European urban designs have recently spread. Which led to an increase in the movement of demand for real estate in it, as it is a profitable opportunity for the local investor and the foreign investor. The increase in demand on its real estate market generates an increase in the opportunity for profit and the success of the investment project.

In the context of talking about the Beylikdüzü area, we must point out a very important thing, which is that, according to many experts and specialists in the real estate market in Istanbul, real estate prices in Istanbul are expected to record a significant increase during the coming period, as a natural result of modernity and the enormous urban luxury that characterizes it on the one hand and due to the passage of the metro bus line from its center, which gave it a high investment value.
Also among the reasons that will lead to the high prices of real estate and apartments in that area is that the demand for them is very high.
Some of the details that interest you about the Beylikdüzü region we have provided to you in this article. We hope that you have obtained great benefit and the information that interests you about it.