Real estate price developments in Turkey 2022

Turkey's real estate market has become the focus of attention of all investors and businessmen from all over the world. Its distinguished geographical location that links the three continents of the world in addition to the activity of the tourism sector in it, especially Istanbul, which is one of the most important tourist destinations that tourists from all over the world visit. Not to mention the government policies and facilities that revived investment movements and projects, especially the real estate sector, which led to the state of activity, movement and successive developments witnessed by the Turkish real estate market, which has become one of the most important global markets today.


Reasons for developments in real estate prices in Turkey 2022:

One of the most important reasons for the developments that obtain the price of real estate in Turkey is the great demand that Turkey is witnessing by Arab and foreign investors, Turkish investors and businessmen, as the Turkish real estate sector has witnessed increasing growth and has become the destination of many investors to build their own projects, this demand generated an increase in demand Which led to the gradual rise in prices and the movement of the Turkish real estate market. Political stability and the Turkish government’s policy to support projects and support the Turkish economy, the prosperity of its tourism sector, and the urban designs witnessed by the Turkish arena in the recent period are all factors that increased the demand for real estate in Turkey, in addition to that Turkey is the focus of attention Arabs and foreigners,Arabs find in Turkey the convergence of social values, customs and religious traditions, which prompts them to travel to Turkey for investment, especially real estate investment, while foreigners consider it similar to their country in terms of urban development and public services provided by the Turkish government, not to mention the prices that are cheaper compared to their country.

All of these factors led to more attraction of investors to the state of Turkey, where they found the stability of the real estate sector, which is one of the most successful investment projects, so they all headed to the Turkish real estate market to buy real estate in Turkey and build investment projects. Turkey's real estate market is full of investor requirements from apartments - villas - smart homes - rural houses and lands to build their own projects...and a lot of requirements they desire and obtain.


On the internal level, the population increase that Turkey is witnessing has also had an impact on the movement of the Turkish real estate market.. Population density leads to an increase in the demand for purchase and an increase in demand leads to an increase in prices. Most of the requirements of Turkish citizens were to obtain housing close to government centers and public facilities and near universities and schools and hospitals, which led to an increase in the prices of houses and apartments in cities, especially the huge Turkish cities such as Ankara - Istanbul and other Turkish cities.



Forecasts for the movement of the Turkish real estate market:

Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most successful investments. The real estate sector in Turkey has proven its stability and strength in the face of many challenges faced by the Turkish government, Buying real estate in Turkey is a safe and successful investment for Turkish and foreign businessmen and investors, despite the price fluctuations of the Turkish lira against the US dollar, and the political and economic crises that Turkey has witnessed, however, real estate prices in Turkey have maintained balance and price value, as the government worked to issue a decision to price residential apartments in Turkish lira, as well as continuing to work with the laws previously issued that authorize foreign investors to obtain Turkish real estate residence or obtain Turkish citizenship and enjoy all the services and rights provided by the government.
Let us tell you that the real estate market in Turkey is one of the most active real estate markets in the world and this guarantees you the level of success, profits, excellence and continuous returns that you will get.


An overview of real estate prices in Turkey:

The price of the property is one of the most important factors that attract investors to buy a property in Turkey it is the first thing that the investor studies to compare the budget of his investment project with the required price, as investors want to achieve financial profits by buying a property in Turkey, where real estate prices in Turkey are considered average, compared to European and foreign prices, they are considered low even though they contain all the elements of foreign real estate from urban designs ,modern techniques , infrastructure, high quality building materials and a lot of features that make it comparable to European homes and real estate.

But if we compare prices in the Turkish real estate market, we find that prices in the Istanbul real estate market are high compared to other cities in Turkey, due to the importance of the city in terms of tourism and economics, and the special increasing demand for the Istanbul real estate market.

In the past year, the Turkish real estate market witnessed an increasing growth in price, and this is an indication of the state of prosperity, price stability and economic growth that Turkey is witnessing.

Diversity of real estate in the Turkish market:

One of the advantages that Turkey's real estate market enjoys is the diversity of its real estate market, meeting the requirements of the Turkish population and citizens on the one hand, and Arab investors on the other,
Diversity creates diversity in price categories. You search for your request and according to what you ask for, the price will be. From here we can compare the price with the required. If you want an ordinary residential house, you will find it at an acceptable price. If you want a luxury apartment with contemporary designs, you will find, but at a higher price,
And if you dream of a house equipped with the latest technologies of protection and techniques for household chores, you will find, but at an exponential price.

According to experts and specialists, real estate prices in Turkey are expected to record a clear and significant increase in prices during the coming period, as a natural result of the great demand for them, the high prices of raw building materials and the high quality that characterizes them, and the continuation of granting the Turkish citizenship program through real estate investment and others.

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