Many reasons why you should buy real estate in Turkey

Real estate in Turkey is witnessing a noticeable rise in prices and increasing demand, which has made real estate in Turkey a center to attract investors from all over the world, this resulted in a great boom in the movement of the real estate market in Turkey, and the trend of people towards buying real estate. Owning a property in Turkey is one of the most important types of investment because it brings many advantages to the investor. These features are the motive behind buying real estate in it, as Turkey is one of the best countries To own real estate and this is due to Turkey's geographical and economic components, which made it the focus of attention of investors of different nationalities.


Motives for buying a property in Turkey:

Motivations always come when there are many advantages that benefit the property owner, such as the motives of investors and direct them towards buying Turkish real estate, and the reason is that owning real estate in Turkey gives you important advantages, including:


Owning real estate is a great opportunity for success in Turkey:

Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the biggest opportunities for profit and benefit from the financial returns, especially after the inflation in Turkey’s real estate and the relative rise in its prices, which made Turkey the largest destination for real estate investment, and investment in Turkey’s real estate is done by buying apartments or villas, whether you want a residential investment with the intention of living in Turkey, where Turkey's real estate is cheaper and less expensive than any neighboring European countries and countries, This is due to the government facilities that the Turkish government is working on. It is making every effort to encourage investment, which would strengthen the Turkish economy, as well as Turkey’s attractive location and its picturesque areas make it a great tourist reference in the world, or you want to invest commercially with the intention of making profits and money from this Investment takes many forms, where the investor buys a property with a good location, good view, good service, and an appropriate price. Then the investor either sells it, rents it, mortgages it, or waits for a certain period of time before selling to ensure greater profits and preserves the capital without loss, and for this reason, commercial investment in Turkey is a great opportunity for success because it provides you with ways of abundant profit through buying and selling real estate,
Also, by renting it, the investor is looking for a property with a purely touristic location with a beautiful view and a luxurious urban building, and he rents it to visiting tourists who want temporary residence, this is one of the successful projects in Turkey due to the increase in the number of visitors and tourists who come to it for tourism. This will provide you with a fixed monthly or annual income throughout the year, which is the greatest opportunity for success and the most likely to obtain the largest financial returns in Turkey.
Turkey's strategic geographical location: Turkey is considered a link between Europe and the Middle East, and its location allows it to benefit greatly from the trade routes, which makes it a prosperous country that people come to from everywhere in order to live in it or for the purpose of tourism and for them to have a share of a life of luxury and prosperity.


The beautiful and picturesque nature of Turkey:

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the universe and has been called the paradise of God on Earth because of its richness in green spaces and water lakes, and also the finest and most beautiful plants grow in it, all of which contributed greatly to making it the preferred destination for most real estate investors or for housing and stability.


Turkey's advanced infrastructure:

Turkey has a strong transportation network that connects cities, regions, and famous residential complexes. It also extends to tourist areas, lakes and the Bosphorus Strait. It is also characterized by a large spread of service centers and education centers, as well as medical centers from hospitals and clinics.


Government support:

The Turkish government greatly supports the real estate sector and encourages investors to invest in the region. In the Turkish real estate market, the process of real estate ownership is made easier and more common in the country.


Turkey's economy:

Turkey has a moderate and rich economy due to the rich labor market as well, which helps investors and encourages them to invest and ensures that their interests and profits are achieved as quickly as possible.


Obtaining Turkish citizenship:

owning a property in Turkey entitles you to acquire Turkish citizenship, after fulfilling several conditions, including that the period of owning the property must have passed for at least 3 years and that the investor is willing to live in Turkey and does not think of leaving it, and Turkish citizenship is granted after only 3 months, which made most investors go to Turkey to buy a property and obtain Turkish citizenship.


Safe life:

Turkey is considered among the safest and most stable countries in the world, and its residents enjoy calm, political and economic stability, which made it a destination for businessmen and investors who suffer from the turbulent conditions in their country, so they go to Turkey to buy residential real estate in order to have a quiet and secure life.


Standard of living:

Turkey is characterized as having an average standard of living and is characterized by ease of life and living and cheap prices. The Turkish government also provides many free services that contribute to improving the standard of living of citizens.
All these features made investors tend to buy apartments and real estate in Turkey, which made Turkey's real estate market one of the most active in the world.


How to buy a property in Turkey:

In order to be able to buy a Turkish property, you must take several steps to ensure the quality of your property and not to be deceived:
You must choose the city in which you would like to own a property, and this is due to the type of your investment in it.If you want to invest commercially in it, you should choose a property in the city center close to the centers of trade and services, the view of the property should be attractive and the property area should be sufficient and good.
See real estate prices in the area in which you intend to buy.
Real estate appraisal in more than one real estate office.
Writing the contract before receiving the keys to the property.
Agreeing on the amount sold and placing it in the terms of the sales contract.
Managing the title deeds as soon as the sales contract is written.
Thus, you guarantee that you will not be deceived when buying a property in Turkey and guarantee your profits from this property, to ensure your success and achieve your goals.
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