Important things to know before investing in real estate in Turkey

Large numbers of investors headed to Turkey to invest in real estate, as it is the greatest opportunity for the success of any real estate investor in the world, which led to the noticeable increase in demands in the Turkish real estate market, as this trend has many reasons, including the political and economic stability of Turkey, and the picturesque nature that Turkey enjoys, The competitive real estate prices, the good standard of living that the country enjoys, the multiplicity of types of investment and the great profits that come from real estate investment, have made Turkey the largest real estate investment destination and a station for buying real estate in Turkey.


What you need to know before investing in TurkeyŞ

Before making a real estate investment in Turkey, you must know some important things that you should take note of, and you should not undertake the real estate investment process before you have an element of knowledge of the rules of real estate investment in Turkey to ensure the success of your own project and increase the chance of profit from this investment. You must be familiar with all the following .
Types of real estate investment in Turkey: This is something that the investor must know in order to know how to succeed and make profits as quickly as possible. Real estate investment in Turkey can be summed up in two types of investment:
Residential investment: In this type of real estate investment, the investor buys the property with the intention of housing and stability in Turkey, and this is frequently done by foreign investors who want to lead a quiet and dignified life, and may be an escape from chaos and instability in their countries, so this type of investors frequently resort to orientation Towards Turkey to buy real estate and thus enable them to obtain Turkish real estate residency and live in it, and therefore investment and housing in Turkey guarantees them stability and living with a good level of luxury and access to most of the insurances and services provided by the Turkish government
Commercial investment: It is a type of investment that is not intended for housing and stability in Turkey, but rather the main purpose of this investment is to gain profits and success in real estate, and this type of investment has spread significantly in recent times due to the rise in real estate prices and the general movement witnessed by Turkey's real estate market, which guarantees the investor to achieve the desired profit and financial return, and this type of investment takes place in several ways and forms. You can buy the property and then sell it, but you must leave it for a period of time before selling it in order to guarantee profit in it because real estate prices are constantly rising, and the other way, which is the best from the point of view of many, is that you can buy a property consisting of several floors and apartments, and rent each apartment separately. This type of investment guarantees you two things. The first ensures that you maintain and even increase your capital, because the price index is often an upward indicator, and the other thing guarantees you a monthly financial return without fees.


How do I choose a property in Turkey?

The first actual step that the investor takes is searching for a property to choose the right property, and the process of choosing the property takes place in several stages because if the contract is concluded, the items will not be discussed after that:
Choosing the location of the property: It is the basic step in choosing the property, and that is by choosing the city in which you want to live or invest, and it varies according to the desire of the investors in this regard. Some of them head to high-end and luxurious cities to live or invest, but this luxury is certainly accompanied by an increase in prices and a rise in the city's standard of living, such as buying apartments or villas in Istanbul, Others head to less upscale cities or rural areas in search of peace and quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and this option is accompanied by cheaper real estate prices compared to luxury and heritage cities.
Choosing the view of the property plays an important role, of course, because it is the only outlet from his apartment to the outside world. When the property overlooks a tourist area or a water oasis, its price will differ from the property with a normal view. In the case of commercial investment, you should choose a property with a beautiful and attractive view because tourists are interested in such areas and are looking for apartments for rent even if at more expensive prices.
Choose a distinctive urban design.
Choosing real estate furniture: The investor should choose a property with new and attractive furniture, as the furniture is new and beautiful, the price of the property increases and the percentage of profit in it increases, especially in the case of leasing, the tenant is looking for a well-furnished property and makes sure that the furniture is luxurious and suitable for the property.


How do I benefit from buying a property in Turkey?

Owning a property in Turkey entitles you to succeed and benefit from the advantages of the state of Turkey, and this is summarized by several things:
Investing in real estate in Turkey brings the investor profit, success and making money.
Living in Turkey makes you safe and stable away from chaos and wars.
Living in Turkey is characterized by cheapness and an average standard of living compared to other countries.
The investor can enjoy the scenic beauty of Turkey, which is famous for its many tourist areas, which are visited by tourists from all corners of the earth
The investor can obtain Turkish citizenship on specific conditions, which is something that all people desire, and this is due to the advantages that Turkish citizenship provides to the investor, the person obtaining Turkish citizenship is treated as a Turkish citizen, but with specific conditions.
An investor with Turkish citizenship can obtain a Turkish passport, which is one of the most powerful passports in the world, and thus obtains entry visas to most countries of the world under it.


How do I buy real estate in Turkey:

After the investor chooses the property in terms of location, view and location, he must inquire about real estate prices in the area he has chosen, This is done by visiting more than one real estate office so that the investor is not deceived into paying large sums. The investor can also obtain information via the Internet and communicate with many companies through their websites.
The investor should check the property’s facilities well, as it may have some defects and need to be repaired, and if you find defects, you must mention them in the terms of the sales contract in order to reduce the price of the property.
Then he agrees with the owner of the property to buy it at a certain price and mentions the amount in the contract, and puts all the terms by agreement of the two parties.
Conducting a real estate title deed transaction and registering it with the General Real Estate Department, after which the amount will be delivered to the agreed upon price of the property and the keys to the property will be received
In this way, you have completed the terms of buying a property in Turkey, and then you can invest in it or live in it and dispose of it as you wish.