How to buy cheap apartments in Turkey 2022

Buying cheap apartments in Turkey is not an easy thing, especially after the economic downturn witnessed by some international countries and contributed to the decrease in the effectiveness of the real estate movement in it.

As for Turkey, cheap apartments still maintain their position among real estate in Turkey and cheap apartments have become among the most important real estate because they are in great demand by Turkish and foreign investors who are interested in the many advantages offered by the Turkish government to facilitate the purchase process.


Buying cheap apartments in Turkey:

This has received great attention from investors who want to buy cheap apartments in Turkey in search of opportunities for success and enjoy the features available in Turkey real estate.



Stages of buying a cheap apartment in Turkey:

1-Finding a cheap apartment:

It is the first actual stage undertaken by the investor, and the search for a cheap apartment is does not mean not care about the specifications and features, but rather it must be a good and cheap apartment. Therefore, buying such an apartment requires a continuous search for a cheap apartment with suitable specifications.

The search is done either through a company or a real estate broker or through advertisements that guarantee access to more cheap apartments, and in order to know where to look, the most important points related to this topic are:


Where are the cheap apartments?

Investors can find cheap apartments in Turkey in several areas, and these areas are a little remote from city centers. Therefore, finding these apartments requires a long search by following up on advertisements and real estate companies and offers presented by them, especially those related to the newly established residential complexes thathave offers on apartments, so investors and followers of these offers take advantage of this.


What are the advantages of cheap apartments?

The features of cheap apartments differ from the features of inexpensive apartments, and this is represented by several factors, namely:

Location: the location of the apartment plays a major role in determining its price through the city in which the apartment is located. If the apartment is located in Istanbul, it will be more expensive than the apartment located in another city such as Trabzon, for example, or if the apartment is located in an area far from the city center, its price will be lower than those located in the city center.

Size: The size varies from one apartment to another and plays a major role in determining its price. The difference is in the size of the space. The larger apartment is more expensive than the smaller apartment, and this is the role that the apartment’s area plays in determining its price.

Furniture: Apartment furniture plays an important role in setting its price. The price of an apartment with integrated, good, excellent quality furniture and furnishings with beautiful paint colors differs from the apartment with ordinary furniture and decor and faded paint colors in terms of price, as the first is the most expensive.

Floor height: If the real estate is in the form of buildings, i.e. a building consisting of several apartments placed in the form of floors, we find that the price of a low apartment is more expensive than an apartment higher than the ground, especially if it is a very high floor, so the view is far away and it takes time when using the electric elevator, so the low apartments is the most expensive.

2- Communicate with the owner of the apartment:

This stage takes place after the search process is done either through a real estate broker or through advertisements or residential offers on apartments. In all cases, the owner of the apartment is contacted directly or indirectly, and then sees the apartment on the ground and not only on the phone screen because there is a big difference in the features and specifications placed in the apartment and after seeing the apartment on the ground, the buyer decides if he will complete the purchase or withdraw and change his mind.


3-Agreeing on the terms of the contract:

This stage is the first access to the official papers between the seller and the buyer, in which several items will be agreed upon in the purchase contract of the apartment, such as the final price, the void, the date of payment of the full amount and the period of installments in the event that the sale is in installments, and several other things that must be placed in the terms of the contract and agreed upon before conclusion of the contract between the two parties.


4-Signing the purchase contract:

After the full agreement between the seller and the buyer on the terms of the contract, a notary is brought or the contract is signed in an official government department and then the contract is signed within the government department or under the supervision of the notary. It can be breached or modified and this matter may expose you to fraud by the seller and this happens when the buyer is a foreigner or hasty in the process of concluding the contract or does not know the laws of the country and the rules of concluding contracts in Turkey. When signing the contract between the seller and the buyer, a small amount must be paid to guarantee the seller’s word, and this amount is called the deposit, and it is a right of the buyer when concluding the contract


5-Receipt of keys and title deeds:

It is the last stage of the official papers between the seller and the buyer and differs from the purchase contract in that it is more formal and always required from the apartment buyer and needs it in any process related to the apartment, talking of course about the title deed papers that are extracted from government departments specialized in this matter and then the keys to the apartment are received after full payment of the amount agreed upon between the two parties in the purchase contract, or the postponement of payment until the time of delivery of all installments comes, if the sale is in installment, this happens a lot in the newly established housing complexes that are purchased before they are equipped, so that he pays installments on them until they are formally equipped, and the title deed papers and keys are used afterwards.


6-Opening water and electricity meters:

The buyer must take care before completing the purchase process, and the water and electricity meters must be checked if they are empty or not. An agreement must be made on the opening tax for the first time. If the apartment is new and the water and electricity meters have not been opened for it before, then a one-time tax must be paid after which the fees for water and electricity expenses are paid only.


Why cheap apartments in Turkey?

Buying cheap apartments in Turkey gives the buyer several advantages that he can enjoy and get when buying an apartment, including:

-Visiting tourist sites in Turkey:

When you buy a cheap apartment in Turkey, you can visit all the famous cities in it and visit all the areas teeming with natural and historical tourism attractions such as Istanbul, which contains the Bosphorus, Sultan Ahmet Palace and many beautiful landmarks, as well as the city of Ankara, which contains several tourist attractions, as well as the sandy beaches in Turkey, which received great attention from tourists.

-Opportunity to earn money in real estate investment:

The process of buying a cheap apartment in Turkey allows big profit by selling the apartment at a higher price or renting it monthly or annually and making more money.

-Enjoying the peace and beauty of Turkish society:

Turkish society is one of the most gifted and finest societies, and the Turkish people are among the kindest and best people in terms of treatment and behavior.