Istanbul is the most important city in Turkey and has a great status among its cities, and this importance comes in several forms, including economic, commercial, and most important of all is real estate, so Istanbul is characterized by the fact that it contains a number of residential complexes that are suitable for housing and real estate investment. These complexes have great advantages that make them A destination for many investors who want to live in them, due to the great specifications they enjoy and the great interest of the Turkish government in developing these residential complexes.



The Turkish government is very interested in residential complexes, especially that are located in the city of Istanbul in terms of the services that must be available within these complexes. These services have been highlighted with repayments and high accuracy, because the residential complexes in Istanbul are considered one of the marks of this city and have become a tourist attraction because of great attention to cleanliness, external appearance and splendor in the construction and design of these residential complexes. Among the services that are widely available within these complexes are:



Attention is paid to apartments and real estate located within the population complexes in terms of their urban construction and the design and planning of construction, and this shows taking civilizational colors in the construction and their applying them to real estate gates, apartments doors and external appearances of the doors of residential complexes, as well as attention in building apartments and real estate within the residential complexes, where it is characterized by a good construction, and the status of the best materials and the best methods in building these apartments under the supervision of well -known engineering offices and reliable building workers or reliable real estate companies are supervised so that the government will guarantee through the distinctive construction process that the residential complexes in Istanbul remain of great importance in the real estate market In Turkey in general, which brings the economy to improve and recover in return.



Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey in terms of picturesque nature, beautiful scenery, water oases and other natural ingredients that make it a large attraction for investors and other businessmen, officials and capital owners as well as celebrities, and that the construction of residential complexes in Turkey is in very attractive geographical locations so that It is surrounded by water oases, forests, wide green spaces and the famous tourist attractions in Istanbul, which attracts investors to them from every side until they buy apartments in these residential complexes to enjoy the scenic views and the very beautiful nature of Istanbul, as the apartments within these complexes are characterized by their very beautiful views and each apartment within this complex has an balcony overlooking a water oasis, green or natural reserve, which makes the demand large and huge on the apartments that are located in residential complexes in Istanbul.



Istanbul is one of the best and largest cities of Turkey and is the economic capital in it, so the role is not limited to the educational method in Istanbul, Istanbul is famous for the several governmental and private universities, and public schools are widely spread in it and in this decrease the burden on Turkish citizens and foreign investors in the educational process and searching for good universities in Turkey, especially after the coming of large numbers of students to complete their studies in Turkey, which constitutes a point of attraction for investors from outside the country to buy apartments in the residential complexes in Istanbul because of their proximity to educational centers, universities and schools, which facilitates them to complete their educational achievement in The best universities.



Istanbul is considered one of the most important cities that cares about health and medicine centers, especially after the Korona pandemic that shook the whole world, so Istanbul contains a number of large and huge hospitals in all heart, internal, external and even dentist specialties as it includes a large number of medical centers such as dispensaries and other mini centers , And these centers are widely spread around the residential complexes in Istanbul, which allows the residents in these complexes to settle more and reassure their health periodically and this represents comfort, reassurance and peace if or those who wish to buy an apartment inside the residential complexes in Istanbul, knowing that it is easily reaching the hospital and medical centers in the case he/she face a specific energy or danger.



The Turkish government was greatly interested in guarding these residential complexes, especially the residential complexes in Istanbul, a good protection, and was keen to secure many members of security and internal guards until they protect these residential complexes and spread on their outskirts, in order to secure people’s lives within the residential complexes and provide the necessary protection for residents in it, this contributes to attracting investors and others to apartments in residential complexes due to protection, safety and living in comfort and reassurance.



Residential complexes within Istanbul are characterized by being close to several markets and malls, these markets provide all the needs of citizens and contain all the items that residents need in all standard types, and these complexes are either close to one of the malls and huge commercial centers known in Istanbul such as Istanbul Mall and Mall Zoroleh and the Mall of Venice, which is one of the most famous malls and commercial centers in Istanbul, or that to the residential complex has a mall which is named after the residential complex and contains all types of goods in it, and most residential complexes in Turkey are distinguished by being near the shopping centers and malls mentioned previously, and this is a great impact on attracting investors, celebrities and capital owners to buy apartments within these residential complexes in Istanbul.



Since there is a large percentage of those who come to Turkey and Istanbul specifically for the purpose of tourism and self -entertainment, so large numbers of entertainment centers such as public parks, private parks, gaming cities football gems and green playgrounds are spread in the residential complexes inside Istanbul and characterized by being close to the activities and entertainment, such as stadiums, gardens, parks, etc., which contributes to making residential complexes in Istanbul a great destination for many investors who want to live a luxury, safe and stable life inside Istanbul.



Getting Turkish citizenship by buying an apartment in the residential complexes in Istanbul is possible, and even became easy after the facilities provided by the Turkish government in this field. The Turkish government set conditions so that people can get Turkish citizenship by buying apartments inside the residential complexes and the conditions were:

1. The price of the apartment is not less than 400 thousand dollars.

2. That the intention of buying the apartment is the desire to live in Turkey.

3. commitment not to be sold before three years has passed.

Thus, we have shown the most important features that the investor can get when purchasing an apartment inside one of the residential complexes in Istanbul, for more details, our always follow our website.