Way to find cheap apartments in Turkey 2022

After the great prosperity that Turkey's economy has witnessed in the past years and proving its strength in the face of internal and external challenges, the number of investors in Turkey has increased and the forms of investments have diversified, which has led to the development of the real estate market in Turkey, and has caused a great diversification in the prices of real estate and apartments, the market met the needs of investors between luxurious and expensive apartments and ordinary and cheap apartments, so it became possible to find cheap apartments in Turkey, which made Turkey a great destination for many Arab and foreign investors.


Finding a cheap apartment in Turkey:

If you are looking for cheap apartments in Turkey, you should search for them according to many criteria and tips, and through the following paragraph, you can see the most important ones:


its location:

Its location should be normal, not too close to tourist attractions or city centers, nor too far from them. If you choose a suitable and normal location, you will be able to buy a cheap apartment that takes into account your financial capabilities and the investor's desire to buy cheap apartments.


its area:

In order to ensure that your apartment is cheap, you must choose an apartment with a normal or medium area that is sufficient for your family. The larger the apartment, the higher its price, and the smaller it is, the lower its price. This affects the real estate market in Turkey. The cheaper the apartment prices, the greater the number of investors in the region and make the real estate movement stronger and larger.


Its view:

The view of the apartment plays a major role in determining its price. The more luxurious the apartment overlooks a water oasis or green spaces, the more expensive it will certainly be, As for the apartment with a normal view overlooking simple, beautiful things, its price will be lower and not cost much, and this diversity in prices attracts large numbers of investors of all classes and nationalities.


its furniture:

Apartment furniture is among the important things that play a role in determining the price of the apartment. The first thing that the investor cares about after the location of the apartment is its furniture, cladding and furniture, as well as the quality of furniture, electrical supplies, water connections, as well as wall paint. An apartment with luxurious furniture and furnishings will be more expensive than an apartment with regular furniture.


Areas for finding cheap apartments in Turkey:

The best way to find a cheap apartment in Turkey is to look for an apartment in certain areas, the most important of which can be found below:

Apartments in Trabzon:

The city of Trabzon is considered one of the most beautiful northern cities in Turkey. It is a large tourist area because it contains wonderful natural ingredients that make it the largest destination for tourists and those wishing to enjoy the scenic landscapes in the city of Trabzon, so it was called the Bride of the North,Trabzon overlooks the Black Sea and has a wonderful climate throughout the year. It also contains many historical and tourist attractions. Among these landmarks are the famous Hagia Sophia Museum, Boztaib Peak, and Uzungol Lake. All of these attractions attract thousands of tourists, especially in the summer, to enjoy the nature of Trabzon, the most important thing for us in its features is the cheapness of the apartments in it, so the investor can buy an apartment in Trabzon at a lower cost than in other cities in Turkey.


Apartments in Ankara:

Ankara is the capital of Turkey and it is the most important city and it has beautiful buildings and high architecture, and since it is the capital, the apartments in it are cheaper than other capitals in Europe,
If the investor is looking for an apartment in a European capital, the cheapest apartments will be found in the Turkish capital alone.


Apartments in Bursa:

Bursa is one of the best areas for real estate investment. This city is classified as one of the picturesque areas. Bursa is located near Istanbul and overlooks the famous Marmara Sea, which gives it a wonderful climate and a charming and green nature. The most important thing that distinguishes Bursa is the cable car in it, which is the longest cable car in the world, which is a great tourist destination in the region, Bursa is considered one of the best cities in Turkey for housing and living. The apartments in Bursa are much cheaper than other cities, so those who cannot invest in Istanbul resort to it. Bursa is also considered to have a cheap standard of living, as prices are cheap compared to other regions, and job opportunities are available. This makes young people turn to it to work and invest in it.


Apartments in Silivri:

Silivri is located on the European side of Istanbul and overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara, which means that it is a rural area in European Istanbul, characterized by its beautiful nature and large agricultural lands. , The Turkish government has recently focused on developing a strong transportation network in the region to link it to Istanbul and facilitate the movement of tourism in it and develop it. The focus is also on creating new real estate and expanding buildings at the expense of some dead lands while preserving its picturesque nature and agricultural lands, The government's reforms are attracting tourists and investors from everywhere, even if in the near future.


Apartments in Kartal:

It is considered one of the most beautiful and quiet places in Istanbul. The Kartal area overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara and is characterized by an attractive green nature and large green spaces. It is a destination for investors who are looking for a quiet, beautiful place and luxurious living away from the hustle and bustle of the city,
It contains all public facilities such as schools, medical centers and transportation services, making it a center for investment and finding cheap apartments in it.


Apartments in Esenyurt:

It is considered one of the most important areas located on the European side of Istanbul and is a great center for real estate investment. The prices of apartments in it are cheaper compared to the neighboring areas. The most important thing that distinguishes it is the recently built housing projects that are still under construction and with these developments and with The construction of a new metro line in the region, it is expected that the prices of apartments in it will rise due to the great trends of investors, taking advantage of its strategic location in Istanbul.
This great diversity of prices and types of real estate makes the real estate market in Turkey strong and meets all the needs and desires of investors and makes Turkey a destination for all investors and owners of capital with large or small amounts.