Apartments for Sale in Sisli, Istanbul 2022

Sisli is the most famous area in the areas located on the European side of Istanbul, which is one of the most important luxury areas that have prepared many of its buildings to receive tourists inside and is famous for the presence of apartments for sale that are widely available to investors who want to buy apartments in that area, which return to the buyer with great advantages and availability of services, calmness and comfort in housing, so we see a great demand by investors to this type of apartments in Istanbul.


Buying apartments in Sisli, Istanbul:

The purchase of apartments in the Sisli district of Istanbul goes through many and varied stages and is one of the most important operations that take place in Turkey's real estate.


Why Sisli, Istanbul?

This area is one of the most important areas in the city of Istanbul in terms of buying apartments in it. This importance diverges to other importance related to this area and the apartments in it, and these are the following:


-Geographical importance:

Sisli is strategically located in the city of Istanbul as it is geographically central and surrounded by many tourist areas such as Sultanahmet and the famous Besiktas area, which are known to receive large numbers of tourists every year. Therefore, this area has great geographical importance on the map of Istanbul.


-Historical significance:

This area is of great historical importance, and this importance is represented by the heritage it enjoys, which was considered the countryside of Istanbul, and whose history tells of the fishing and agricultural work that its people were professional in.


-Tourist importance:

Sisli, located in Istanbul, is considered one of the most important tourist areas in it, due to the presence of many elements of tourism that attract investors to buy apartments in it. The investor who buys an apartment in this area finds himself in front of many options for practicing tourism in the elements of tourism in the area, and these elements that he enjoys are:

-Osmanbey Street, which is one of the most important tourist places in the region due to the beauty of this street, the quality on which it was built, and the spread of markets on the side of this street.

Restaurants and cafes are located on the side of this street with a beautiful atmosphere and suitable for practicing tourism in the region.

-The famous Sisli Street in this area, which contains tourist elements surrounding it and spread along it, and the markets fighting it contain many historical monuments and ancient artifacts that attract investors who buy apartments in the surrounding areas of this street.

-Ataturk Museum, which is a famous museum that contains a large variety of artifacts. It also contains several sections, each of which includes a different type of ancient historical monuments. It also contains a section of ancient Ottoman monuments and several other civilizations that were established on the land of Turkey and established its name in its history.

-Istanbul Cevahir Mall, which is one of the most famous malls in Istanbul, where this mall makes Sisli an area that attracts investments from all over the world.

How to buy an apartment in Sisli, Istanbul:

The process of buying an apartment in the Sisli district of Istanbul goes through several stages that take place in succession until the property is registered according to legal procedures and so that the buyer is not exposed to deception or fraud. These stages are:


1-Choosing a suitable real estate company and contacting them:

At this stage, the investor inquires about the best real estate companies in the Sisli area, which help in the process of buying an apartment in this area. The question is either directly between investors who have dealt with these companies before and who have experience in the field of real estate companies or indirectly through asking via social media and websites that explain the work of each company and the conditions necessary to work with it, and then communicate with this company directly without a real estate broker between the two parties. The communication between the company and the investor is done by visiting the company.


2-Determine the specifications required in the apartment

This stage takes place after communicating with the real estate company, which takes the required specifications in the apartment for the investor, such as the location of the apartment, its view, its area, and the features in it.


3-View the available apartments from the company:

At this stage, the real estate company, after taking the required specifications from the investor, displays the apartments available for sale in the Sisli area, which contain the specifications required from the investor, and these apartments are presented to him electronically via photos or videos.


4-Seeing these apartments on real:

Here the investor visits the apartments that were selected by the real estate company. This allows him to examine the apartment well before buying it and see its features on the ground and its defects that some companies may not show in an attempt to deceive the buyer, especially if he is a foreigner or does not have experience in buying apartments in this area.


5-Choose one of these apartments and tell the matter to the company:

At this stage, the investor chooses one of the apartments that has been recommended by the real estate company and after visiting it on the ground and seeing its specifications, choosing the appropriate apartment, and consulting with the family, the investor informs the company of the apartment he wants to buy, and then the purchase process begins officially.


6-Signing the purchase contract between the two parties:

The buyer concludes a purchase contract between him and the owner of the property through the real estate company, which sets specific terms of the contract through which the parties are bound by these terms and decisions set in the text of the contract, and then a small amount of the price of the apartment is estimated in percentage and called the deposit, which is evidence of the confirmation of the purchase.

The buyer should not sign the contract before carefully reading and studying its terms, because signing the contract means never breaching it.


7-Officially owning the property:

At this stage, the ownership of the apartment is transferred from the old owner to the new owner. This is done by extracting the title deed papers of the apartment, which is accompanied by handing over the keys to the apartment after paying the full amount agreed upon between the two parties.

The property transfer tax that is paid in government departments for real estate taxes is also paid in addition to some additional fees by the buyer related to the purchase process, accompanied by the payment of annual taxes for owning a property or value-added tax, and the tax for opening water and electricity meters, which is paid once in a lifetime.


These are the most important points regarding the apartments available for sale in the Sisli district of Istanbul in terms of the advantages of this area and the way to purchase properly without being deceived or fraudulent by some real estate brokers in this area.