In recent times, great developments have appeared in the investment field in Turkey, as well as this development in the economic and commercial field, which in turn affected the inflation of the real estate movement in the country. This inflation was inclusive of the movement of buying and selling in apartments, villas and shops, especially on the Asian side of Istanbul, and it clearly emerged in the process of buying and selling apartments in Asian Istanbul because of the features that characterize these apartments and that attract investors to it from every side.



Istanbul is one of the most important and oldest cities in Turkey, and it is also considered one of the most beautiful ones in Turkey because of its elements that make it the best among other cities in Turkey as well as apartments in it. Buying apartments in the Asian side of Istanbul makes you enjoy many and abundant advantages that are summarized as follows:



Investors who come from outside the country always have questions in their mind. They always hear about the Asian part of Istanbul, and the answer is always that Asian Istanbul is the most beautiful region of Turkey and is the reason for calling it God’s Paradise on Earth. Therefore, Asian Istanbul and the apartments located there are of great natural value.


There are many natural components in terms of water oases, green areas, gardens and forests. Among these divine masterpieces is the area of ​​Tel Al-Arais or Chamilja, which is the land of magic, splendor, art and natural beauty, and many other areas that support the tourism movement in the region and attract investors to it and to the apartments adjacent to it or located within it, thus supporting the real estate investment movement in the Asian part of Istanbul.


The historical value of the Asian city of Istanbul is no less important than the natural value. The city of Istanbul includes a large number of huge and famous historical monuments, especially in the Asian side of it. The most important historical and tourist attractions in this area are Baghdad Street, Pilar Bey Palace and Chamilca Mosque, which is the largest mosque in Turkey and many of the large and huge complexes and malls that this area is famous for, which makes it a great tourist area that attracts tourists and investors to it from all sides, and this gives great importance to the apartments located near these historical monuments.



There is no doubt that the city of Istanbul is the most important city in Turkey, especially in terms of spatial location. The city of Istanbul occupies a very special geographical and strategic position, making it a link between the rest of Turkey and you must cross the Istanbul highways in order to reach other neighboring areas in Turkey.



It is believed that Istanbul will have great value in the future, especially after the projects in which it is currently being built or started several years ago. Therefore, Istanbul will have great political, economic, commercial and real estate value, and it will witness great development in the coming days, and among these projects are the new Istanbul Financial Center and the huge Istanbul Airport, which is the third for Turkey, as well as the new Istanbul Water Canal. These projects will greatly support the economy in this area and will make it a strategic city comparable to the largest cities in Europe.



Many investors head to Turkey, especially to the Asian city of Istanbul, in order to practice real estate investment and buy apartments in the city to live in it or to sell it, and in order for the investor to buy an apartment in this area, he must go through several stages until the apartment is fully purchased. In the first stage, he has to choose the apartment well so that the choice of the apartment is very accurate in terms of location, view, area, furniture and services. As for the location, it must be good and suitable for the investor if he wants to live, but if he wants to sell it, he must choose a location close to famous tourist sites or historical or natural, for example, either this apartment is next to a lake, or it is next to a commercial market, or it is next to a certain historical landmark. This landmark or this site gives the apartment great importance and plays a major role in determining its price.


As for the view of the apartment, the investor should look for an apartment with many balconies overlooking a historical or natural landmark, for example, overlooking a green square, a nature reserve, a forest, a number of trees, a public or private garden, a specific commercial market, or a famous street in the Asian part of Istanbul. These views play a major role in attracting investors to this apartment in order to practice real estate investment, either by living in it, and most of it is to sell or rent it to tourists who come to practice tourism in the area, which is the most profitable way when investing in real estate.


As for the area of ​​the apartment, the apartment space plays A big role in determining its, especially if the apartment is large and has many rooms and a organized distribution among the rooms and other benefits between the kitchen, bathroom, sitting rooms and bedrooms. It is always preferable that the apartment be large even if the family is small, because the apartment with a large area is more expensive when selling and when buying, if you decide to sell this apartment, it will be at a more expensive price when the area is larger, except that the apartment with a larger area is more beautiful and cleaner and causes psychological comfort for the inhabitant


As for the apartment furniture, the apartment with good and luxurious furniture is much more expensive than the apartment with furniture that is very normal, and sometimes the apartment is without furniture, that is, unfurnished. This means a significant decrease in the price for the investor or for those who want to buy an apartment, and perhaps some investors choose the apartment without furniture; They buy furniture from a certain company themselves, in order to save some money or to choose specific furniture to impress the investor or who wants to buy this apartment.


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