The mechanism of buying an apartment in Turkey 2022

The real estate market in Turkey today is witnessing an increase in the number of investors wishing to buy and reside in apartments in Turkey, which is only the result of a group of government efforts to encourage investment and revitalize the real estate market in Turkey. It facilitates all procedures for buying and selling operations related to real estate, as it has a major role in supporting the Turkish economy, as investment projects, especially real estate, have become the main driver of this economy and a stone of stability in it.


Ways to buy an apartment in Turkey:

There are many ways to buy apartments in Turkey through which the internal or external investor can buy the apartment he desires, the real estate market in Turkey has become one of the most active real estate markets in the world. What Turkey is witnessing today in terms of urban development and diversity in real estate projects is only in response to the requirements and needs of the market. Increasing demand for tourist real estate, in addition to the increasing desire of non-Turkish citizens to reside in Turkey because of its advantages and great influence in increasing the desires of investors to reside there,
The investor can buy the apartment from the owners of private projects, such as buying studio apartments and apartments in residential communities that are in the form of adjacent buildings, distributed on a regular basis, these apartments are well serviced and close to government and educational centers and may be near tourist sites. The choice is due to the investor's need and desire for the apartment.
Or you can buy from offices and real estate companies, where you must choose an office close to the place you intend to buy from, and then ask about the prices of apartments in general in the area in which you intend to buy, so that a set of offers that meet the investor’s desires and what he is looking for will be presented.

Investors can also buy an apartment in Turkey in installments. The real estate market in Turkey has provided the opportunity for Turkish citizens to invest and buy. If you want to buy an apartment, it is not necessary to own the full amount, Where it became possible to obtain an apartment and buy it without paying the full amount agreed upon, but paying the amount in installments agreed upon by the seller and the buyer within the terms of the contract. Hence the idea of ​​selling in installments spread in the real estate market in Turkey, but the buyer has to pay the first agreed payment after the agreed period According to the text of the sale contract, the title deed remains with the seller, and is not delivered to the buyer until he pays the full amount agreed upon, in order to preserve the rights of both parties.


The mechanism of buying apartments in Turkey:

After choosing the method of purchase by the investor, and we have previously talked about ways to buy apartments in Turkey, he must

1- Choosing the apartment:

Where he chooses the apartment he is looking for and achieves the desired desire and goal as it corresponds to the allocated budget, but some things must be taken into account in order to make a good choice, so he must know how to choose the appropriate city in which he intends to buy the apartment, the city that the investor chooses greatly affects the price of the apartment. Istanbul apartments have a high price compared to other apartments in other Turkish cities, and from here we can say that choosing the city is according to what the investor desires. If the apartment is for housing and accommodation and the budget is limited, a suitable apartment can be found in the countryside or normal Turkish cities.

When the purpose is commercial, most investors turn to cities that are full of tourism, historical monuments, commercial places, beaches, and places of summer such as Istanbul and Ankara, and there are many profitable commercial purposes from them, where apartments can be bought for rent or sale.
The investor must specify the area, type, designs and exterior decorations of the apartment. Where the areas of the apartments vary between small, large and medium, and the type is the height of the apartment, where it can be on the ground floors or upper floors.


2- An inspection tour to see the offered apartments:

The investor must appoint a real estate consultant who has sufficient experience in the real estate market in Turkey to be relied upon to secure the apartment in the required area and be responsive to desires and suitable for the allocated budget.


3- Signing a contract of sale of the apartment:

After agreeing on the price of the apartment and the approval of both the seller and the buyer, the sale contract is signed in the presence of the real estate consultant, and then the process of paying the first installment of the agreed total price, to complete the purchase process.


4- Applying government procedures to complete the purchase of the apartment:

At first, a tax number must be obtained from the city's tax department, which is needed to complete the purchase contract papers. The investor must open his own bank account. And he must apply for a security approval to complete the completion of all government papers necessary for the sale of the apartment.


5- Obtaining the title deed of the apartment:

It is the last step of the process of completing the purchase of an apartment in Turkey, where the title deed of the investor is obtained after submitting all the papers, including the sales contract that was completed and applying all the required government procedures.By completing the agreed payment process, the title deed (Tabu) will be obtained and you will become the owner of the apartment in accordance with Turkish laws.


Tips for buying an apartment in Turkey:

The investor, whether the apartment he wants for the purpose of housing or trade, must go himself to inspect the apartment. It is better to buy an apartment that already exists and is not under construction or just a drawing on paper.
He must make sure that the apartment is free of legal problems, and there must be a real estate license for the apartment and registered within the government department in the region.
Ensure the service facilities and infrastructure of the apartment, where it is ensured that there are no problems with electricity, water or any other details.
You must inquire about the utility bills for the apartment, including water, natural gas, and a landline phone, if any, and make sure that they have been paid in full up to the date and time of purchase.

If you are about to buy an apartment in Turkey but are confused about the choice, you can contact us so that we can help you choose and recommend the best available options that are suitable for you.


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