Pros of Buying Apartments in the Countryside of Istanbul

Away from the center of Istanbul, there are many people and investors who choose to buy real estate in the countryside of Istanbul, and this choice will be accompanied by many advantages.

What are the reasons that motivate many people to choose the countryside of Istanbul to search for apartments for sale? What are the most important areas in the countryside of that city and what are its advantages?

Follow this article with us because we will answer your questions.


What is the importance of buying an apartment in the countryside of Istanbul?

Do you think an investor or property buyer is staying away from this part of town? And that the city center is the goal of everyone without exception?

Certainly not, as the rural areas of Istanbul have recently become the focus of many people's attention for many reasons, which we talk about below:

1 - You can get premium properties for your money in the countryside of Istanbul, and you can find apartments much cheaper than those in the city center and this is due to the low demand for apartments in these areas.

2 - Better quality of life:

Istanbul countryside is a great place to live if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, as there are fewer people and less traffic, so the air is cleaner and generally quieter.

3 - There are more green spaces:

If you love nature, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of parks and green spaces in the countryside of Istanbul and this is a great place for a walk, run or just relax in the fresh air.

4 - The demand for apartments in Istanbul is increasing day by day, and the countryside of Istanbul is a very suitable place for those who want to invest in apartments, because the prices of apartments in Istanbul are much higher than other provinces.

5- The cost of living is generally lower than in the city center and this is especially true for basic necessities such as food, transportation, etc.


The most important rural areas in Istanbul:

If you decide to search for apartments for sale in the countryside of Istanbul, there are many areas that you can look in, and each has certain advantages that may or may not suit you.

Below we will talk about the most prominent of them:


1 - Sila:

Sile is a coastal area in the Asian side of Istanbul, it is located about 60 km from the city center and the population of the region is about 100,000 and the length of the Sile coast is about 25 km.

There are many sandy beaches in the area which are popular among the locals and tourists. The main industry in Sile is fishing.

The area is also famous for the production of Sile Bizé, a traditional Turkish fabric made of cotton or linen.

It has a number of historical sites including the remains of a Byzantine castle and an Ottoman castle.

In fact, there are several reasons why you should consider buying an apartment in this area is one of the most important:

-The area is located on the coast with easy access to the beaches.

-It has a relaxed atmosphere compared to other parts of Istanbul.

-Real estate prices are relatively low compared to other areas of Istanbul.


2 - Silivri:

Silivri district of Istanbul is growing rapidly in terms of population and infrastructure. Transportation to and from Silivri has become easier with the opening of new highways and the construction of a new airport.

Apartment prices in Silivri are still relatively low compared to other neighborhoods in Istanbul.


3 - Arnavutkoy:

Arnavutkoy is one of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul with its natural and historical richness and has always been the first choice for those who want to live in Istanbul, as it is home to luxury residences, apartments and villas.

It is one of the rare places in Istanbul where you can see snow in winter and enjoy the sea in summer. It is very rich in terms of social amenities; there are many private hospitals, international schools and universities and in addition to this, it has a unique view of the Bosphorus and for these reasons, Arnavutkoy is one of the most valuable districts in Istanbul.


4 - Catalca:

_ Catalca is located in a very central location in Istanbul, which makes it easy to commute to different parts of the city.

_ Catalca neighborhood offers a wide range of different types of apartments, from small studio apartments to large 4+ bedroom apartments.

_ Apartment prices in Catalca are very reasonable especially when you compare it to other central areas of Istanbul like Beyoglu or Sisli.

_ There are many different amenities and facilities available in Catalca, such as shops, restaurants, cafes, parks, etc.

_ Catalca is a very safe area, which makes it ideal for families with children.


The future of real estate in the countryside of Istanbul:

In recent years, there has been a trend of people moving from the city to the countryside of Istanbul due to a number of factors, such as the desire for a more relaxed lifestyle, cheaper living costs, and larger homes.

With the increasing demand for rural Istanbul real estate, the price is increasing. However, there are still many affordable options available if you know where to look.

If you are thinking of moving to the countryside of Istanbul, do not hesitate, this is the perfect time to own real estate.

Disadvantages of buying real estate in the countryside of Istanbul:

-It can be quite far from the city center.

-There are often fewer amenities and things to do.

-It can be difficult to get around without a car.

-Housing may be more spread out, making it difficult to meet neighbors.


Whether you want to own real estate in the countryside of Istanbul or flee its center, we are always ready to provide you with the most important opportunities that are suitable for your goals and budgets.