Turkey is distinguished as one of the major tourist countries in the world, and this is due to the presence of a large number of tourist attractions and natural ingredients that provide elements of tourism in any country. Istanbul, especially, has many natural ingredients, including water oases and green spaces that attract large numbers of tourists and visitors who enjoy picturesque views, except that these ingredients are of great importance in areas other than tourism, and the most important of these is the Istanbul Water Canal.



The Istanbul Water Canal occupies an excellent geographical location in Turkey and in the city of Istanbul in particular, where this canal is located to the western side of Istanbul and it connects the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea, and several regions and villages linking the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea, which are two of the most important water resources in Turkey. The location of the Istanbul Water Canal is distinguished and surrounded by nutritious sources from every side and in every way, indicates that it is one of the largest projects that are being worked on recently in Turkey, and this canal will be parallel to the  stream of  the historical Bosphorus Strait, which is one of the most important trade centers in the world, through which thousands of merchant ships pass during the year, so the Istanbul Water Canal will relieve the pressure on the Bosphorus Strait and support the trade movement in the city of Istanbul and will make it a great commercial city in the world.



Istanbul Water Canal is one of the most important projects that have been established in recent years due to the great benefits it accrues to Turkey and other neighboring countries, and this is summarized by the great commercial support provided by the Istanbul Water Canal, the Istanbul Canal directly affects the real estate market in the surrounding area of the canal, it affects the properties near the canal and this effect comes in a number of forms, including:


The increasing demand for real estate near the Istanbul Water Canal by Turkish and non-Turkish investors, which contributes to the recovery of the real estate and investment movement near the canal and will make it a center of attraction for investors from everywhere.

The Istanbul Water Canal makes the nearby properties more expensive and contributes to the prosperity of the real estate market in the region and raising the prices of real estate in it, which leads to an increase in the profit rate in the process of investing in these properties.

The Istanbul Water Canal makes Istanbul a large commercial center, especially in the nearby areas, which will witness a great commercial movement and development in the markets there, so it will constitute a great desire for most investors and traders.


The Istanbul Water Canal is located near Istanbul Airport, which makes the canal more important as well as the real estate surrounding this canal and will double its features, as this will save a great burden for tourists and merchants.

There are many areas where real estate prices have increased due to this canal, including Basin Express, Kucukcekmece and Avcilar.



The Istanbul Water Canal greatly supports the Turkish economy, especially in Istanbul, and affects it greatly, so it makes Istanbul different from the rest of Turkey’s cities in terms of economy, quality and commercial movement. The most important benefits that this canal brings to the Turkish economy are:



The most important characteristic of Istanbul is its large commercial world and great economic movement in it, so the Istanbul Water Canal greatly affects the support of commercial movement and attracts merchants to Istanbul easily, and the transportation, sale and purchase of goods.



The Bosphorus is a historical strait that witnesses global and Turkish trade in particular, but recently there has been terrible pressure on it and ships in large numbers are heading to it, which leads to congestion and delays in transporting goods and traffic, but after the opening of the Istanbul Water Canal, The pressure on the Bosphorus Strait will be completely relieved, and some ships go to the Istanbul Canal instead of the Bosphorus Strait, this has been proven by statistics, numbers and figures, It was stated that the capacity of the Bosphorus Strait is 25,000 ships per year, but recent years have witnessed the passage of about 40,000 ships in one year, which is considered a major congestion disaster, the Turkish government must deal with, and the Istanbul Water Canal was the best treatment for it until congestion and chaos are relieved In the Bosphorus Strait and thus the speed in commercial transactions and the prosperity of commercial traffic in the region.


Turkey in general enjoys a strong tourist movement because of the picturesque nature and beautiful scenery that spread in all regions of Turkey, but after the approval of the Istanbul Water Canal project, it is expected that the tourism movement in the region will increase, due to the beautiful and picturesque nature that the area enjoys, and therefore large numbers of tourists will go to it in order to visit it and enjoy its beautiful and picturesque scenery, and since the tourists will probably need temporary residences in the area, the properties surrounding the canal will witness a large movement of sales and rental operations.


The large numbers of ships crossing the Bosphorus at the same time cause great pollution in the water, nature and neighboring lands, but when these ships are distributed over more than one place, this chaos and pollution will ease, which is expected to happen at the opening of the Istanbul Canal as it helps to preserve the surrounding environment and Bosphorus Strait from the smoke and pollution of ships that go through them.


Upon the completion of the Istanbul Water Canal project, it is expected that this canal will provide great job opportunities for a large number of citizens in Turkey, which helps support the economy and contributes to raising and improving the standard of living in Turkey and securing many jobs for people who live without work and it also contributes to the support and consolidation of relations between members of the same society through job opportunities that are equally distributed among citizens in Turkey.


The Istanbul Water Canal has received great attention from the Turkish government in the field of keeping it safe and stable, especially from earthquakes, as it was planned to be built with the best materials and equipment and at the hands of the best specialists, engineers and construction workers.


It is expected that the Istanbul Water Canal will be highly profitable and it is also expected that the profits of this Canal will reach 8 billion dollars annually and that the main reason behind this canal is to compensate the money that Turkey was deprived of by the Montero Agreement and will compensate it for the reduced traffic value on ships transiting from the Strait the Bosphorus. The most important thing in this canal is that it is not subject to the Montero Agreement, so five and a half dollars will be imposed on each ton of goods loaded through it, which will ensure more profits for the Turkish government, and its costs will be covered within only two years from the date of starting work with it .