Real Estate Investment in Istanbul 2022

It is very necessary for every real estate investor to look for a place that guarantees the success of his real estate business, and after research and studies, it is found that Istanbul in Turkey is the main destination for these investors because of the facilities it offers them in the process of buying and selling real estate, as well as the advantages of the large properties in this city, and it has been shown to be the most guaranteeing place for the success of real estate investment through the permanently high real estate prices in it.



How to invest in real estate in Istanbul:

Istanbul is witnessing a great development at all levels, especially in late 2021 and the beginning of this year, so there are some details that have changed for the better based on this development, especially with regard to real estate and real estate investment, and the first thing that comes to the investor's mind is how to invest real estate in this city. The answer is directly that it is necessary to understand two basic things:

1-Types of real estate in Istanbul and how to invest in it:

There are many types of real estate in Istanbul in terms of form and content. This difference in the types of real estate gave it great importance in the real estate world and led to this development in the real estate of this city. These types were a major reason for placing Istanbul on the tourist map. These types are:


*Apartments and houses:

Apartments are the type of real estate that is famous for its low market compared to the rest of the types of real estate. Therefore, this type of real estate is sought by a large number of people because of its cheap prices and low taxes. On the other hand, this type of real estate has great advantages that attract investors from all sides.

These features are the external and internal qualities and the possibility of living and stability in it, which means that you can buy a property in Istanbul at a cheap price and enable you to live in this city and settle in it, and apartments and houses are the most widely traded and widespread in the real estate market of Istanbul and apartments are spread in all areas Istanbul, but the most famous are the areas of Avcilar, Ataturk, Eminonu and many other areas that have made apartments and houses a basis in the real estate investment process, and people are attracted to them from all sides because of the great features.


As for how to invest in apartments and houses, it is better to invest directly without the need for a real estate broker if you have experience in Istanbul real estate, but if you are not experienced, you need a real estate broker to make the purchase, which is the basic process used in apartments and houses because the one who buys a house in Istanbul is the one who wants to settle in it, so he will only think of buying, and then selling after the investor guarantees success and abundant profit that guarantees him to complete the investment process.


* Villas:

Villas are the most luxurious and most important real estate in the world and differ from one place to another according to the attention they receive, especially in the city of Istanbul, which contains the most important and most beautiful villas in the world in the real estate market, but not like apartments or houses, because of their high prices, the large areas that are built on them, and the luxury in the surrounding specifications.

We distinguish three types of villas:


-Tourist villas in a city spread widely due to the presence of many natural ingredients in this city, which makes the number of tourists who go to Istanbul constantly increasing, and that these villas are located in the tourist places or near them so that the tourists stay close to them, and these villas are not intended for tourists only, but also for famous people, the rich and the capitalists who come from all sides to enjoy the advantages offered in this type of villas.

The most important areas in which the tourist villas are spread are the areas of Beylikduzu, Sultanahmet and Basaksehir.


-The historical villas in Istanbul are those villas that are intended for a certain group of tourists, not only tourists, but it is possible for some interested in history and civilization, especially the civilization of Istanbul, to invest in them. These villas are characterized by beautiful and luxurious urban designs borrowed from the ancient civilizations that were established on the land of Istanbul and found in museums, palaces, castles and bridges in this city, so this type of villas finds a great demand from real estate investors interested in historical matters.


-The historical villas are located in several areas in Istanbul; the most important of which is the Sultanahmet area, which includes historical tourist attractions such as Sultanahmet Palace and Hagia Sophia Mosque, as well as the lands adjacent to Ataturk Castle.


- Ordinary villas in Istanbul are villas that are found in ordinary lands, neither historical nor tourist. These villas are characterized by less luxurious designs and cheaper prices, due to the lack of its circulation in the real estate market in Istanbul. Therefore, these villas are found in few places in Istanbul due to the lack of real estate investors’ orientation to them in order to buy them.


As for how to invest, villas are among the most popular rental properties, so that the investor buys the villa and then rents it to tourists, celebrities, or those interested in history, or to anyone who wants to rent the villa, and this guarantees him a profitable monthly in a good amount while preserving the capital without loss. It is also possible to sell this villa if a large sum of money is offered to you that makes you rich in the world of investments.


* Hotels:

Hotels are considered one of the largest and most important real estate in Istanbul, as they play a major role in stabilizing the feet of tourists in Istanbul and making them reassuring about the tourism process and making Istanbul at the top of the list of cities most welcoming to tourists and the best treatment, and hotels in Istanbul are widely spread, especially in places close to tourism centers or to the commercial centers, you can find the hotel is one of the service centers affiliated with the mall or the commercial market.


Each hotel consists of several sections and suites and contains a certain number of double or single rooms that are equipped with the best and best services, except for the presence of luxurious furniture in each of these rooms. There are many areas with hotels in Istanbul, such as Avcilar, Besiktas, and the areas adjacent to the Bosphorus.


As for how to invest in hotels, their name and fame explain this. These properties are for commercial investment so that guest rooms are booked with a process similar to the rental process, but it is a more complex process than staying in hotels, and the profit is guaranteed in hotels by paying reservations by customers on time.

Thus, these are the most important points related to the real estate investment process in Istanbul, which explains how to invest in each type of Istanbul real estate and the features and specifications that this city enjoys, which gives real estate market in the region development and prosperity.


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