Types of villas in Turkey and the most important differences between them

Recently, there have been many forms of real estate in Turkey, as well as multiple types of investment, and the reason for this was the large increase in the number of investors for real estate in Turkey, which led to the prosperity of the Turkish real estate market and the improvement in real estate prices within certain limits, and among the most important types of real estate are villas, apartments, hotels and old houses , each of these types has several forms, and this diversity in forms and differences in types is due to the desire of a large number of investors to live in Turkey because of the good living it provides and acceptable prices, in addition to its picturesque scenery and beautiful nature.


Types of villas in Turkey:

Villas are considered one of the most luxurious types of real estate in Turkey, and they receive great attention from investors, businessmen and those wishing to live in the most luxurious real estate in Turkey. The most important types of villas in Turkey are:

Tourist villas:

Since Turkey is one of the largest tourist countries, and since it contains a large number of tourist places and abounds in water oases and green spaces, this type of villas abound in these tourist areas and spreads next to lakes and green spaces and away from the hustle of cities, these villas are characterized as quiet villas and a refuge for everyone who escapes from the hustle and bustle of the city, this type of villas is built in a strong way as a place for the shed, and is characterized by beautiful decorations that attract tourists and visitors to Turkey's cities from foreigners and Arabs who want to spend quiet times in Turkey.


Historic villas:

Turkey is a historical city whose land witnessed the presence of many ancient and new civilizations, and many religions synchronized on its land, which attracts tourists and those interested in history, religions and contemporary sects, and for this reason, historical villas are located in Turkey in good numbers and are spread near historical places, ancient monuments and churches and ancient mosques, the historical villas are characterized by their ancient and civilized architecture, but very beautifully, which attracts tourists and those interested in history and antiquities to live in them and perhaps temporary residence, taking advantage of the licenses of the standard of living in Turkey, and the facilities provided by the Turkish government in the field of temporary housing for tourists and those interested in history.


Ordinary villas:

Ordinary villas, or as they are called, city villas for businessmen are villas like other types of villas, but they are distinguished from others by their location. It is also characterized by its contemporary urbanity, that is, its decorations are beautiful and new, and keep pace with global developments and developments in the field of decoration, because it is based on the construction of international engineering offices.


The differences between the types of villas in Turkey:

The types of villas in Turkey are not very similar. There must be differences between them, and these differences are limited in certain things. It is necessary to mention these differences by:

1. Space:

The regular villas have a large area, and a certain number of rooms are distributed in this area, well organized and compatible with the total area of ​​the villa, as well as the historical villas have large areas, but most of them have some rooms in them somewhat independent, so perhaps more than one person may share in renting the villa, as for the tourist villas, here the attention is greater in the area of ​​the villa and the distribution of its rooms well. The larger the villa, the more tourists are attracted to it and contributed to the prosperity of the tourism movement in the region, and made Turkey a great destination for many foreign and Turkish investors.


2. Design:

The design of the villa is one of its most important features and is the main factor for attracting investors from all over the world. The design varies from one villa to another. In ordinary villas, the design must be advanced and match the international pattern in decoration and attractive additions to the walls of the villa. As for the tourist villas, the design must be especially attractive to tourists, and the colors of the decor are inclined to the color of the sea and natural colors, especially honor and sitting rooms to ensure the influx of tenants to them


3. View:

Villas are the most luxurious type of real estate in Turkey, so the view of the villa is not given much attention, because the view of the villa is a major reason for making the villa among the investment initiatives and makes the demand for it increasing,In historical villas, the view of the villa must be on historical places, natural monuments, and areas of ancient civilizations, which makes this demand greater by those interested in history and civilizations, as well as some tourists, As for the tourist villas, it is obligatory for the villa to have a view of a water lake, a green square, a forest or a nature reserve, because tourists are looking for these views in this type of villa.


4. Price:

It is a major factor that someone who wants to buy a villa thinks about, and the price varies from one villa to another according to its location, view, service and area, and the prices of villas also vary according to the type of villa, for example, tourist and historical villas are at higher prices than regular villas because of the ingredients they contain that make them the largest destination for tourists, businessmen and celebrities compared to regular villas.


Investing villas in Turkey:

Investing in Turkish real estate is a great opportunity for success, especially if the investment is in villas, this type of investment returns with great profits, and also requires greater capital, and among the ways to invest in it after purchasing it:

Selling villas: You can invest in Turkish villas by buying and waiting for a limited period and then selling them. This type of investment entitles you to earn large sums of money and benefit from it by maintaining a stable capital without loss.
Renting villas: This type of investment is common in tourist villas due to the large number of tourists who want temporary housing in them, and this allows you a fixed monthly or annual financial return.
Housing in villas: here we mean businessmen, and this investment is the most prevalent, especially ordinary villas, because most businessmen there want permanent housing away from transportation fees and proximity to their work center and given the luxury of life in ordinary villas.
Although the features are somewhat similar in all villas, they differ according to the investor's desire, but in general the main objective of buying villas in Turkey is real estate investment.
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