Buying Houses in Turkey 2022

Homes are the type of real estate that is intended for residential investment, meaning that homes are the most traded properties in the real estate market in Turkey, which in turn organizes and runs campaigns for buying and selling homes in the region, and buying homes is of great importance in the real estate world and attracts large numbers of investors to Turkish real estate, which is a requirement for everyone who wants to settle in Turkey.


Homes for sale in Turkey 2022:

In Turkey, there are a large number of homes available for sale that are bought by Turkish and foreign real estate investors, hoping for the advantages that Turkey houses enjoy, which is a center of attraction for investors from all sides.

Where to buy houses in Turkey:

Any investor can buy a house in Turkey if he is a foreigner or a Turkish person, and he can go to several cities in order to buy houses in them, and these cities include:

-Houses in Istanbul:

The city of Istanbul is divided into two parts, the European and the Asian, and in each of them, there are several areas where houses are available for sale, such as Ataturk, Bahcesehir, Beylikduzu, and Besiktas. These areas provide a good number of houses that are officially available for sale to real estate investors.

-Homes in Ankara:

Ankara is famous as the capital of Turkey, and there are a large number of homes available for sale in it.

-Houses in Trabzon:

Trabzon is no less important than the rest of the cities, and the houses are famous for their great features around the tourist areas in the city.