Advantages of buying residential real estate in Istanbul

Is buying residential real estate in Istanbul a good idea? Certainly it is, whether you want real estate investment or housing and stability, but is it better or commercial real estate? What are the notes that must be taken into account in order to ensure obtaining the appropriate options? This is what you will learn about through this article prepared by the editorial team at Tamam Lama Real Estate Company.


Advantages of buying commercial and residential real estate in Istanbul:

Istanbul is a great place to invest in real estate, whether you are looking for residential or commercial properties. Residential properties tend to be smaller and can have restrictions on the type of business activities that can take place in them. Commercial properties are larger and usually allow for more flexibility in terms of use. Both types of investments offer benefits such as capital growth potential and rental income.


The most famous residential real estate in Istanbul:

As for the following paragraphs, you will get acquainted with the most prominent real estate intended for housing in that city, and many of its characteristics, advantages, and some other details about it.


Residential complex apartments:

Apartments in these complexes offer a range of features and specifications to make life comfortable. Depending on the complex, you may find amenities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, playgrounds, private gardens and terraces, parking garages, balconies with stunning views of the city skyline, 24-hour security services. clocks, elevators and more and the apartments also come in different sizes to accommodate different budgets and lifestyles.


Penthouse apartments:

Penthouses in Istanbul are the perfect choice for luxury living as these properties offer some of the most sought-after features and specifications, such as spacious floors, high-end appliances and fixtures, stunning city skyline views, and exclusive outdoor amenities such as communal pools and terraces. You can also enjoy access to shopping malls and restaurants. The entertainment venues are top notch and with its impressive architecture and modern amenities, a penthouse apartment in this city will provide you with an unparalleled lifestyle.


Duplex apartments:

These apartments feature a two-storey design with two separate entrances, allowing for more flexibility and privacy and are equipped with all the latest amenities such as balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows, modern kitchens and bathrooms, spacious living rooms and bedrooms, and much more.

 Moreover, many duplex apartments in Istanbul are located in sought-after areas such as Besiktas or Sisli - giving you access to world-class dining and entertainment options.

Triplex apartments:

These spacious homes offer up to three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open plan kitchen, a large living room, and balconies with stunning views of the city. Each apartment also has high-speed internet connection, air conditioning, heating systems, and state-of-the-art appliances, all combined with its unbeatable location in the heart of the city. The bustling city of Istanbul and its proximity to shopping centers and public transportation.


Studio apartments:

Known for their modern design, contemporary furnishings and interiors, studio apartments in Istanbul offer everything you need for a pleasant stay, including open-plan living spaces with a fully equipped kitchenette, private bathrooms and balconies overlooking the sea. Many also feature comfortable furnishings and amenities such as air conditioning and flat screen TVs.


regular flats:

 Their prices are usually more affordable than luxury apartments, which makes them an ideal choice for people on a budget. In addition, most of the regular apartments provide access to amenities such as swimming pools and gyms, allowing you to keep fit and healthy without having to move away from it and tend to These apartments also tend to be located in the city center, which means you can easily walk around the city and explore all that Istanbul has to offer. Finally, standard apartments often offer great views of the city or the waterfront, so you can relax and enjoy your surroundings after a long day.



Istanbul villas offer a unique blend of traditional architecture and modern comforts. Many villas feature spacious gardens and outdoor courtyards, making them ideal for relaxing with friends and family. Inside, you will find luxurious furnishings, modern appliances, and elegant decor that will make your stay more comfortable. In addition, they offer many amenities. The villas have stunning views of the city from their balconies as well as the private pools.


Buying real estate in the center of Istanbul or in its countryside?

Central Istanbul:

The central location in Turkey's largest city makes it easy to access nearby attractions, shops, restaurants, nightlife and much more. With new infrastructure and development projects underway, buying property in this city offers a great opportunity to take advantage of potential returns. Moreover, property values ​​tend to be more stable as compared to other parts of the country which can provide more security to the buyers who are looking for long term investments.


Istanbul countryside:

Buying real estate in the countryside of Istanbul can be a great investment for those looking for a more peaceful and comfortable lifestyle, as it provides a unique opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. nature.

 Additionally, the cost of living is lower in this area due to lower taxes, which makes it an attractive option for buyers on a budget and you also have access to some excellent amenities such as restaurants, markets, and cultural attractions that make it a great place to live.


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