How do you get permanent residence in Turkey

Turkey today is a great destination for investment and housing for everyone who wants a high-end living and a luxurious life that enjoys comfort, luxury and tranquility. Therefore, new residents need papers that allow them to live and reside there until the citizenship is received, so that you are allowed to work and practice daily activities without experiencing problems, these papers are called accommodation, the residence permit allows the resident to practice his life in Turkey for a period of time, which may be a temporary residence or a permanent residence, which is why large numbers of people resort to Turkey to obtain permanent residence in it.


Conditions for obtaining permanent residence:

The Turkish government has set conditions for obtaining permanent residence so that residence will not be granted to those who do not deserve it, and so that Turkey will not be exposed to problems by some dangerous arrivals, and these conditions are:
1. That the way to reach Turkey is legal, applications for permanent residence are not accepted if the person’s way of arriving in Turkey is illegal and in illegal ways.
2.That the person remains residing in Turkey for a period of no less than 8 years, thus guaranteeing the Turkish government the sincerity of your intention to reside in Turkey in order to enjoy living in Turkey and not just to obtain permanent residence.
3. The monthly income of this person must be enough for him to live in Turkey with good conditions, and enough for you to have a decent life within Turkey.
4. One of the most important conditions that must be met by a person who applies for permanent residence is to prove that his personal file is free of legal problems and political and economic provisions, and the application is not accepted from anyone who has not proven this with papers and certificates, and the person applying for permanent residence must have a good biography and good morals and evidence of good behavior papers, this process enables the Turkish government to grant permanent residence to those who deserve it from the good, interested and active people in Turkish society.
5. Those who wish to obtain permanent residence must prove that they did not receive financial or other assistance from the Turkish government with the ranks of refugees in Turkey, and this condition is linked with Condition No. 3 because those who have enough income to live will not initiate assistance with refugees.


Documents required for permanent residence:

Those who wish to obtain permanent residence must extract some of the necessary papers, so that the process of granting permanent residence legally takes place without any problems in the future, and the Turkish government provides facilities for people to extract these papers, and these papers are:
1. Passport: Those who wish to obtain permanent residence must bring their own passport, provided that the passport period is valid and that it has been renewed for less than 6 months, to ensure that the passport is modern and not tampered with.
2. Work certificate: Those who wish to obtain permanent residence must present a work certificate, and this certificate is extracted from the employer for whom you work or in his institution.

3. Hotel ticket: Those who wish to obtain permanent residence must also bring a hotel ticket to prove their hotel reservation.
4. Air ticket: It is very important in the process of proving arrival, and people are keen to bring it to prove that they have come legally to Turkey
5. Payment of fees: Those who wish to obtain permanent residence must obtain receipts that have been paid, which are the fees for obtaining residence and amounting to 200 US dollars.
6. Work income certificate: here the person who wants to obtain permanent residence brings a documented certificate from his place of work that includes the details of his income, and here it is decided whether his income enables him to live a decent life and is sufficient for him and his family.
7. Bank statement: Those who wish to obtain permanent residency should bring a bank statement, provided that a certain period of time has passed since the account was created, otherwise they will not be granted permanent residency.
8. Personal photos: Two personal photos must be brought, and it must be the same photo in the passport, and the background must be white.
9. Residence document: A document must be extracted from the Immigration and Passports Department. This document proves that the person has been in Turkey for a period of no less than 8 years, and contains proof that the person renews the residence annually.


Advantages of obtaining permanent residence:

Permanent residency in Turkey makes you enjoy many advantages on Turkish lands. These features have made Turkey a destination for many tourists, scientists, science students and businessmen, and these features are:
The holder of permanent residency is exempted from service in the army, and this is one of the most important things that made the demand for permanent residency great.
It entitles the holder of permanent residence to enter all Turkish lands and you can visit all regions of Turkey without the need for a visa.
Not only within Turkey, but also that obtaining permanent residence enables you to travel and roam in all countries of the European Union.
One of the most important advantages of permanent residence is that after obtaining permanent residence for only 5 years, you can obtain Turkish citizenship, which is something that every person desires because of the advantages that the holder of Turkish citizenship enjoys.
When you buy and own a car, you do not have to pay taxes.
You can benefit from a health guarantee that you take out from government departments. This guarantee qualifies you to enter all government hospitals in Turkey.
In the event of obtaining permanent residence, you can work without problems and restrictions.
The holder of permanent residence is treated as the Turkish citizen is treated without differences or problems.
All procedures and commercial transactions can be done by opening a bank account of any value within the banks of Turkey.
The holder of permanent residence is allowed to enroll his children in public schools in Turkey free of charge.
Any member of the family obtaining permanent residence contributes to helping the rest of the family to obtain it.