Residential Complexes in Turkey 2023

The residential complexes in Turkey is a new term that has emerged in the Turkish real estate market and its presence has had a great impact as it has attracted many investors and those interested in real estate investment, as well as the established companies have achieved a high sales rate in a short period and because of it, the demand for purchases in that country has increased, as confirmed by the statistics issued by the official authorities.

In this article, learn with us about some of the secrets of residential complexes in Turkey, if you are interested in this topic.


What is meant by residential complexes in Turkey?

Residential complexes in Turkey consist of a number of dwellings, which are usually apartments or houses, are built close to each other and share common facilities. These complexes are usually located in urban areas, and provide residents with a number of benefits, such as safety, social activities and comfort.


What are the advantages of residential complexes?

The choice of many people to live in residential complexes is not a futile choice, but a natural result of the comfort, luxury and sophistication that can be obtained. Here are some details on this subject:

- Complexes are often portal and safe, providing a sense of safety and peace of mind.

- The complexes usually have a variety of amenities such as swimming pools, gyms and playgrounds, which can be comfortable and save money.

- Living in a community can create a sense of community and provide opportunities to meet people with similar interests.

- Most of the complexes have a central location that makes it easy to navigate and explore the city.

- Restaurants and cafes are usually located within the complex.

- Living in a social experience complex can be more than living in a separate family home, where you will be surrounded by neighbors.


Real Estate Investment in Residential Complex Apartments:

- Rental income: One of the main advantages of real estate investment in residential complexes is the possibility of earning income from rents by investing in an apartment or villa within a larger complex, you can earn regular income by renting your property.

- Estimate property: Another advantage of investing in residential property is that your property may increase in value over time and this rise can occur for a number of reasons, such as inflation, economic growth and demand from buyers and tenants.

- Tax Benefits: Another potential advantage of a real estate investment is the ability to take advantage of various tax benefits. For example, you may be able to deduct some expenses associated with your investment property, such as mortgage interest, property taxes, and depreciation.

- Security and Maintenance: When you invest in a residential complex, you will also have access to some security and maintenance features you will not have if you own an independent property. For example, in most complexes there are security guards and gates to protect residents from crime. In addition, many complexes have on-site staff who can attend to maintenance and repair needs in a timely manner.


Prices of residential apartments in Turkey:

The average price of apartments in residential complexes in Turkey is about $1,200 per square but this can vary depending on the city, location and type of complex in Istanbul, for example, prices can range from 600$ to 3,000$ per square meter and in Ankara, prices are generally low compared to other sophisticated capitals around the world, where they average about 700$ per square meter and some of the most expensive complexes are located in high-end neighborhoods in Istanbul such as Etiler, Levent and bebek, and these complexes usually contain luxury amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers and sauna.


Disadvantages of buying apartments in residential complexes:

The disadvantages of buying residential complexes in Turkey are that they are expensive, there is a lack of transparency in the real estate market, the legal process can be complex and add to your information that they are often far from the city center and the reason for this is that they need large areas in order to build them.


The right cities to buy residential complexes:

In Turkey, there are a number of cities suitable for the purchase of residential complexes. Some of the most famous cities include Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. These cities provide a variety of benefits to investors, including a large population, a growing economy and a desired location. If you are looking for an investment property in Turkey, be sure to think of one of them.


Difference between residential complexes and regular buildings:

 A distinction is made between 'residential complexes' and 'ordinary buildings' and the main difference lies in the intensity of the organisation. Where residential complexes are subject to special regulations related to their construction, management and maintenance, for example, the construction of a residential complex must be carried out by an architect and a registered engineer. In addition, the management of the residential complex must be entrusted to a professional real estate manager and the manager is responsible for many of the daily tasks of the complex, including the maintenance of common areas and the collection of service fees from the residents. On the other hand, ordinary buildings are not subject to such strict regulations that anyone can build and do not need to be managed by a professional property manager.


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