Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Real estate investment in Turkey has become one of the most important and successful investment experiences in the world, as Turkey is now a destination for most businessmen of different nationalities in order to invest and buy real estate in Turkey and achieve huge financial returns and profits. Turkey owes now real estate market that is considered the best in the world due to the advantages it provides which guarantee investment projects success.
In this article, you will learn about the reasons that motivate foreigners to start investing in real estate in Turkey in details.


The importance of real estate investment in Turkey:

In general, real estate investment in Turkey has recently received more demand from foreign investors, Arabs and other nationalities from different countries of the world. Successes and previous experiences of the investors have proven the prosperity of this type of investment process and its one of the most successful investment projects to make profit well as a fixed capital for the investor who could increase money over time. Investors who want to invest in real estate in Turkey have the best luck for the success of this project:


Real estate prices in Turkey:

Turkey is one of the countries with low prices in real estate compared to neighboring countries due to several reasons and factors which makes Turkey attract investors from all over the world to buy real estate and make investments. This moderation in prices facilitates the purchase process and thus ensures success in real estate investment and guarantees profits and finance returns.


Real estate market in Turkey offers greater opportunities for success:

The Turkish real estate market witnessed an increase in the number of foreign and Turkish investors, and this inflation continued until this year, but the number of investors increased more and more, and the main reason for this increase was the huge financial returns and profits accruing that the investors get. The investor is trying to find investment projects to achieve success and profit. Buying a property After determining the type of real estate investment and his/her purpose of the investment. By that, he/she can make profits as quickly as possible; the investor can sell the property or rent it and benefit from a monthly and continuous amount of money, while his property remains as it is. This is the best way to profit and collect money.


Tax exemptions for foreign investors:

One of the facilities offered by the Turkish Government in the field of real estate for foreign non-resident investors is tax-added exemption, which provides the investor with a large amount of money. That thing attracted foreign investors and urged them to buy and invest real estate in Turkey, affecting the Turkish real estate market, which has become one of the world's most active markets and meets all requests and desires of real estate investors.


Facilities provided by the Turkish Government:

The Turkish government has provided a large number of facilities in the field of real estate investment, investor support and facilitation of property purchase procedures in Turkey. In other countries, the purchase of a property requires many big conditions while in Turkey the conditions of real estate purchase and investment are very normal, and they also provide facilities to complete the purchase of the property as soon as possible. and paper transactions are done in a quick and special time, which contributes to attracting all investors from around the world to these large facilities in the investment process.


Getting Turkish citizenship or real estate residence:

This advantage is the biggest and best advantage for foreign investors. The investor can have Turkish citizenship on specific terms. The property must be worth at least 400,000 $. The investors who met the terms and are coming from most countries of the world wishing to get Turkish citizenship had obtained citizenship only 90 days after buying the property in Turkey.
Those interested in getting real estate residency in Turkey can also obtain it through real estate investment but provided that the value of the invested property is at least 75000 $.


Diversity of options in Turkey real estate market:

What distinguishes the real estate market in Turkey is that it meets most of the investors' requirements, including apartments, houses, luxurious villas, and others. Based on the investor's budget, what is required is obtained; therefore, there are wide options that meet and suit all types of investors wishing to purchase a property from the real estate market in Turkey.


The strength of Turkish Economy:

The Turkish economy has proven its strength and worth in the face of all challenges and crises, as Turkey becomes today one of the economic countries in the world and its ability to face the movements of global markets and what the global stock exchange is witnessing for trading and exchange rates, thus gave power to the real estate market in Turkey and more confidence to investors in the success opportunities for real estate investment in Turkey.


Turkish government policy:

The policies that the Turkish government is following on the international level and the degree of friendliness it has with the great countries of the world has led to the strengthening of security and stability, and thus this reflected positively on the real estate market in Turkey and on the investment movement.


Real estate’s advanced service infrastructure:

Real estate in Turkey has remarkable development remarkably on the urban design level, quality of materials used and service infrastructure that serve real estate and property owners of hospitals - schools - universities - transportation and other service infrastructure that the Turkish government seeks to provide. Real estate in Turkey has become more similar to existing real estate in major European cities, which gave investors more confidence in the possibility of successful investment and real estate purchase in Turkey.


Real estate market success in Turkey:

The real estate market in Turkey has become one of the most important and successful real estate markets in the world. Perhaps the most important reason for this success is the increase in the number of investors day after day. The successful experiences of investors who go to the real estate market in Turkey for investment prompted many investors to go to Turkey in order to buy real estate and invest.


Tips for successful real estate investment in Turkey:

• The investor must plan in advance to determine the desires and goals.
• Putting the suitable budget that is compatible with the investment project to match the price of real estate in Turkey, and this is done by reviewing the prices of the real estate market in Turkey in advance.
• See all the offers that meet the desires.
• The investor must study and prepare for all the risks and obstacles that he may encounter.
• Choosing a suitable location for the property you want to buy, as the location is an important factor in determining the price
• Choosing a property with distinctive views and close to the tourist areas. Thus, you can earn a high profit from this investment.
• Choosing reputable real estate agents in the market to avoid fraud.