Advantages of Real Estate Residency in Turkey

Real estate residency has proven to be one of the most important types of residency in Turkey at all, and the reason for this is that it is easy to obtain and can be renewed after its completion.

Because there are many questions about this residency, do not hesitate to follow up with us in this article, in which our conversation will focus on (real estate residency), highlighting the most important conditions for obtaining it, the conditions for its renewal, the papers required to apply for it, and many other aspects will be highlighted.


What is meant by real estate residency in Turkey?

The real estate residency in Turkey is usually granted for a period of one or two years, with the possibility of renewal and this document allows the holder to live and work in Turkey, and buy a property in the country.


What are the conditions for applying for real estate residency?

There are many conditions that must be met with the appropriate property to obtain real estate residency in Turkey, the most important of which is the purchase of a residential property in one of the Turkish states In the event that this condition is violated, such as buying a property for trade, it will be inappropriate to apply for it, and its value must be no less than 75,000 US dollars, and it must not be located in a security or military area, and also, the buyer must not hold one of the nationalities prohibited from owning in Turkish territory.

After the recent amendments made by the Turkish government, it has become necessary to extract a real estate appraisal document that confirms that the price of the property conforms to the stipulated conditions.


Documents required to obtain residency:

To obtain a real estate residency in Turkey, the applicant must submit the following documents:

-Passport copy.

-A copy of the title deed.

-Sale contract copy.

-A copy of the registration certificate from the local municipality.

-A bank statement or letter proving that the applicant has the financial means to support himself during his stay in Turkey.

-An insurance document that covers the applicant for the duration of his stay in Turkey.


How to renew the real estate residency in Turkey?

The process of renewing real estate residency in Turkey is very simple and only requires the property owner to prove that he still owns a Turkish property and that it is being used for housing purposes and this can be done by providing the original and a copy of the title deed.

Renewing real estate residence in Turkey has many benefits, including the right to enter the country anytime without the need to obtain a visa.

It should also be noted that among the conditions that must be met to apply for a real estate residency is the need to start the procedures at least sixty days before the end of the first, that is, two months.


Real estate residency costs in Turkey:

The costs of real estate residency in Turkey are relatively low compared to other countries. They include the residence permit fee, and there are also other smaller costs associated with obtaining and renewing the permit, such as the cost of the title deed and the interview cost at the Immigration Department.

In general, the costs of real estate residency in Turkey are very reasonable, which makes it an attractive option for those looking to live in the country.


Notes when applying for real estate residency:

If you want to apply for this residency in Turkey, here are a set of notes that you should take into consideration:

-It is necessary for the applicant under the age of 18 to be accompanied by a guardian to obtain approval from them to grant it.

-In the event that all family members will apply for it, each person must submit a separate file separately.

-The fees for obtaining it must be paid in Turkish lira and be sure to receive a receipt.

-If a deficiency or defect is discovered in the submitted papers or in anything else, the applicant will be given a period of 30 days in order to make  the deficiency up.

-The applicant's passport must be valid for at least 6 months.


Advantages of obtaining real estate residency:

The holder of the real estate residence permit in Turkey will get a wide range of privileges, the most important of which are:

-It can be obtained quickly and easily and within a few limited procedures.

-The characteristics of this residency intersect with the tourist one, but this is considered to be stronger.

-It is available for all family members to obtain it, but the children must be under the legal age, and only one wife can apply for it after obtaining the permission of the other, if any.

-The cost of living is relatively low compared to western countries.

-There is a wide range of accommodation options available, from apartments to villas.

-The climate is suitable for those who enjoy warm weather all year round.

-Turkish people in general are hospitable and welcoming to foreigners.

-The country has a rich culture and history, with plenty of tourist attractions to visit.

-It is possible to benefit from all the service facilities available to the Turks, such as enrolling in public and private schools and receiving treatment in the most important governmental and private hospitals and medical centers.

-After 8 years of continuous residence in Turkey, you can apply for permanent residency.

-If the property is suitable for applying for Turkish citizenship, the required procedures can be started.

-Through it, you can move between the Turkish states comfortably without having to obtain a travel permit, as well as travel to and from Turkey without the need to obtain a visa.

-This residency is very useful for investors, as it offers them a lot of facilities and privileges.


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