Europeans own real estate in Turkey

What do you know about European ownership of real estate in Turkey? Where they are considered among the most possessive foreigners in the country as a natural result of the many unlimited privileges that can be obtained.

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Reasons for European ownership of real estate in Turkey:

Europeans have been investing in real estate in Turkey for decades, the trend continues to grow and there are several reasons to attract investors from Europe to the country.

Turkey offers a wide range of real estate options, from beachfront villas to luxury apartments and traditional stone houses, there is something for everyone. In addition, the country's central location makes it easy for Europeans to travel to other parts of the continent.

Another major attraction is the affordable real estate prices in Turkey and compared to other European countries, real estate in Turkey is much cheaper, which makes it an attractive option for those looking for a good value.

 Moreover, Turkish mortgages offer competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

The Turkish government has also taken steps to make it easier for Europeans to buy property in the country, with incentives such as comfortable residency conditions and fast-track citizenship programmes.

Finally, Turkey boasts a thriving economy and vibrant culture that attracts many Europeans, with its stunning coastline, Mediterranean climate, and abundance of activities and attractions.


The British own real estate in Turkey:

The British have a strong presence in the real estate market in Turkey, and with an estimated 12 million British tourists visiting the country each year, it is not surprising that many choose to invest in real estate.

 Many British buyers are attracted to the attractive Mediterranean climate, diverse natural beauty, and vibrant culture that Turkey has to offer and the cost of buying is also attractive, as prices remain relatively low compared to other European countries.

 Moreover, any foreign investor is eligible for Turkish citizenship if they invest more than $400,000 in real estate and this has been an attractive opportunity for many British investors.


Swedes own real estate in Turkey:

Swedes have always been interested in owning real estate in Turkey. According to the latest data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, there are more than 7,000 Swedish-owned properties in the country and this is a significant increase from the 5,400 properties owned by Swedish citizens in 2018. The majority of these properties are located in popular tourist destinations such as Istanbul and Bodrum, and many Swedes buy vacation homes in Turkey for their own use. as a second home during their summer holidays.

 In addition, there has been an increase in Swedes' investments in real estate for rental income or capital gains.


Germans own real estate in Turkey:

German investments were particularly strong in the coastal regions of Turkey such as Antalya, Mugla and Aydın due to their proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the pleasant climate suitable for holidays and retirement.

 German investors are also attracted to Turkey due to its favorable tax policies and a number of incentives offered by the Turkish government to foreigners who buy real estate. As a result, we can expect German investments in Turkish real estate to continue to grow in the coming years.



Canadians own real estate in Turkey:

Canadians are also attracted to Turkey's favorable exchange rate, which makes it an attractive destination for those looking for a good deal on a second home. In addition, there are many investment opportunities in the Turkish real estate market, such as rental income and capital appreciation over time.

 With a strong rental market and growing demand for real estate, owning property in Turkey can be a wise investment decision for Canadians. Moreover, Turkey's warm climate allows year-round access to outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, sailing, and skiing.

The volume of real estate sales in Turkey during 2022 AD:

The volume of real estate sales in Turkey increased significantly in 2022 AD and this can be attributed to the growth of the country's economy and population, as well as its attractive tourist destinations.

In addition, the government has also implemented various initiatives to encourage real estate investments, such as tax incentives, convenient mortgages, and foreign investor-friendly policies.

 These initiatives helped attract foreign investors and boosted the real estate sector in Turkey. Moreover, the Turkish government made efforts to reduce bureaucracy and simplify the process of opening new companies.

 This has led to an increase in construction activity and thus an increase in the demand for real estate. In addition to this, the well-developed infrastructure in the country also plays a role in raising real estate values ​​and encouraging more people to buy.


Look at real estate sales numbers:

The number of properties sold in Turkey has increased significantly over the past few years and according to figures released by the Turkish Statistical Institute, the total number of properties sold in 2019 reached a total of 2,945,273 - an increase of 5.6% from 2018 and this figure includes both residential properties and commercial, with the majority of sales coming from residential properties.

The Istanbul region recorded the largest number of real estate sales during this period, with more than one million properties sold. Other major regions included Ankara and Izmir, where more than 300,000 and 250,000 properties were sold respectively. This significant increase in real estate sales provides strong evidence that the growth of the real estate market in Turkey is likely to continue to rise in the foreseeable future.

Certainly, sales continued to rise during the following years, reaching the unprecedented numbers that were achieved in the current year 2022.


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