Advantages of the Turkish passport

The Turkish passport is considered one of the most important passports in the world, based on many reports and studies issued by the concerned authorities concerned with classifying passports globally, and its advanced rank is only a natural result of its many advantages.

In this article, you will learn about the most important details related to this passport. If this interests you, follow these lines with us to the end.


Advantages of obtaining a Turkish passport:

The Turkish passport has a number of advantages that make it attractive to many people. One of the main advantages is that Turkish passport holders can travel to 72 countries without having to obtain a visa in advance. In addition, Turkish citizens can obtain a passport and citizenship in less than 30 working days according to the new regulations.

 Moreover, Turkish passport holders have the possibility to travel visa-free or obtain a visa on arrival to many countries such as Brazil, Qatar, Albania, and South Korea. This allows Turkish passport holders to enjoy more freedom when traveling compared to other passports.

Among the advantages of applying for this passport is that its holder will enjoy all the rights that a Turk enjoys, such as medical and educational services, and others.

This passport can be easily obtained once citizenship is obtained, as it will not take more than 30 days, and add to your information that its holder will be able to practice many professions that foreigners are prohibited from working in, such as law, customs clearance, and veterinary medicine.

Did you know that once you obtain this passport, you will also get it for all family members, provided that the children are under the legal age.


The papers required to obtain a Turkish passport:

In order to obtain a Turkish passport, you will need to provide the following documents:

* A completed application form.

* Your current passport.

* Two passport photos.

* A copy of your birth certificate.

* A copy of the marriage contract (if any).

* A copy of your divorce decree (if applicable).


Types of Turkish passport:

 Here are the four types of Turkish passport:

- Ordinary passport is the most common type of Turkish passport.

- The official passport is issued to government officials and diplomats for official travel.

- A service passport is issued to members of the military, police and other public officials for travel on official business, it offers the same privileges as a regular passport.

- The special passport is issued to athletes, artists, former ministers, and other celebrities to travel on cultural or professional exchange programs and allows its holder to enter any country without a visa and enjoy diplomatic immunity.


Obtaining a Turkish passport through real estate investment:

The process of obtaining a Turkish passport through a real estate investment is very simple, you must first buy a property in Turkey worth at least $400,000 and the property must be kept for three years and once the purchase is completed, you will then need to obtain a residence permit from the Turkish government. Once you have obtained your residence permit, you can then apply for it.


Obtaining a Turkish passport through bank deposit:

You can get a Turkish passport with a bank deposit of $500,000 and this is a great way to get citizenship in Turkey and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. You will be able to live, work and travel freely in the country, and you will also have access to government benefits and services.

It should be noted that the amount must be kept for at least three years.


Procedures for obtaining a Turkish passport:

When you are in the process of applying for a Turkish passport, you must follow several procedures:

- Gather the required documents. These include your Turkish identity card, birth certificate, marriage certificate (if any), and proof of Turkish citizenship.

- Fill out the application form and this can be done online or at the Turkish Consulate or Embassy.

- Pay the required fees which are within the appropriate scope.

- Finally, the passport is sent after its issuance to the address listed.


The ranking of the Turkish passport globally:

At the beginning of this year, the Turkish passport was ranked 37th in the world, and this is a great progress compared to the situation in previous years, when it was ranked 50th, and at the same time it was ahead of many important passports


Other reasons to apply for a Turkish passport:

The aforementioned features are not only what encourages foreigners to obtain a Turkish passport, as there are many other reasons such as:

- The Turkish economy, which is considered among the most important economies in the world at all.

- The political stability experienced by the Turkish state.

- Infrastructure and its embrace of many important strategic projects.

- The possibility of buying real estate freely and entering the world of real estate investment.

- Classified as one of the most important industrialized countries in the world.

- Turkey is one of the most important tourist cities in the world, as millions of tourists from different countries of the world flock to it annually.

- The cost of living in Turkey is very suitable and surpasses many European countries in this aspect.

- The Turkish government has not hesitated to provide assistance to foreign investors coming to invest in its land.

- It has an advanced and modern service network and an integrated transportation network that connects its parts with each other.

- The facilities that you find in Turkey are difficult or rare to find in other countries around the world.

- Most interested in obtaining this passport are Arab investors.

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