The mechanism of obtaining a Turkish passport 2022

The Turkish government is facilitating policies that would encourage real estate investment in Turkey, and one of the facilities provided by the Turkish government is the possibility of granting a Turkish passport to a real estate investor with Turkish citizenship.
Through the following article, you can see the most important details and information related to the Turkish passport, such as: its advantages - ways to obtain it - and others.


How to obtain a Turkish passport 2022:

Any Turkish citizen with Turkish citizenship has the right to obtain a passport, which is a document through which they are allowed to travel and obtain entry visas to other countries.
The facilities made by the Turkish government in its efforts to promote and support real estate investment projects in Turkey also provided for the possibility of granting foreign investors of most nationalities the Turkish passport if one of the following conditions is met:
1. Real estate investment in Turkey by buying a property in Turkey with a minimum value of 400 thousand US dollars, which enables you to obtain Turkish citizenship and then apply for a Turkish passport.
2. Marriage to a Turkish citizen contributes to granting you Turkish citizenship, but provided that the marriage period exceeds at least 3 years, and therefore you can apply for a Turkish passport
3. Cash investment also entitles the investment owner to obtain Turkish citizenship, but provided that the bank deposit balance in a Turkish bank for cash investment exceeds 500 thousand US dollars and that the deposit period exceeds 3 years.
4. Investing in Turkey, but if the budget of the investment project is 500 thousand US dollars or more, then the investor is granted Turkish citizenship so that he can then apply for a Turkish passport.
5. There are several exceptional cases for granting Turkish passports to persons with Turkish citizenship.


Features of the Turkish passport:


The Turkish passport holder can travel to most countries of the world without entry visas (Visa) and the reason lies in the strength of the Turkish passport, which ranked advanced in the global ranking in terms of the number of countries that can be entered without visas, the Turkish government’s policy, approach, and friendly dealings with most countries of the world give it more strength, and Turkey’s strong and stable economy, which has proven its strength in facing all internal and external challenges and facing all crises such as the Corona crisis recently, gives the Turkish passport more strength, which indicates the possibility of the passport to advance Turkish travel ranks multiple in the global ranking.


The speed of issuance:

What distinguishes the Turkish passport is the speed of issuance. The Turkish passport can be obtained after several days of submitting the papers to the Immigration and Passports Department.


Long term validity:

Also, obtaining a Turkish passport only needs to be renewed once every 10 years.


Enjoy the full rights of Turkish citizenship:

The passport holder has the right to full Turkish citizenship. You enjoy free government health and educational services, which include schools, universities, government hospitals and other services provided by the Turkish government.


dual nationality:

You, as an investor who fulfills the conditions that entitle you to obtain a Turkish passport, do not have to give up the original citizenship and therefore you have the opportunity to take advantage of all its advantages.


Access to public services:

A foreigner or an Arab who holds a Turkish passport can benefit from free government services like any Turkish citizen, and he can also benefit from the special government retirement program, as what applies to the Turkish citizen applies to him, and the holder has the right to participate in the Turkish elections.

Types of Turkish passports:

The Turkish government grants several types of special passports, which are:
Ordinary or red passport:
An ordinary Turkish citizen or a foreign investor with Turkish citizenship can obtain it
gray passport
The Turkish government grants another type of stamped Turkish passport (the gray Turkish passport). It is awarded to national athletes, Red Crescent affiliates, Turkish Aeronautical Association members or citizens who work in international organizations.
green passport
It is the third type of Turkish passport that is granted to mayors, retired public service employees, former members of the National Assembly, and the husband or wife of special Turkish passport holders.
Diplomatic passport
It is the fourth type granted by the Turkish government to members of the National Assembly, ministers or diplomatic commissioners.


Issuance of Turkish passport 2022:

If you want to obtain a passport, you must follow a set of procedures stipulated by the instructions of the Turkish government in order to apply for it:
You must book an appointment to obtain a Turkish passport by calling the number 199 or visiting the Turkish registration website.
After that, you must go to the Turkish Postal Center and pay the extraction costs.
Go to the appointment that was previously taken with personal papers from (personal identification - copy of personal identity - payment receipt - residential address with a document proving that - old passport, if available - square personal photos number 2)
After that, a form is obtained from the registration department to fill in the required data fields and hand it over to the employee with all the required papers.
Waiting several days until the passport is issued and sent to the address attached with the required papers.


The costs of obtaining a Turkish passport 2022:

The cost of obtaining a Turkish passport is determined by the number of years of validity of the passport granted by the Turkish government. The recent amendments to the fees and costs for obtaining a Turkish passport are as follows:
Turkish passport with a validity of 6 months only 309 TL.
- Turkish passport with one year validity 450 TL.
- Turkish passport with a validity of two years 738 Turkish lira.
- Turkish passport with a validity of 3 years 1048 TL.
A Turkish passport with a validity of between 4 and 10 years 1478 TL.
Replacement for lost passport 174 TL. ""
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