Real estate for sale in Istanbul near the new water canal

Choosing to search for real estate for sale in Istanbul near the new Istanbul Water Canal is a very unique idea, especially if your goal is real estate investment and collecting profitable returns, as real estate prices near it are expected to rise more than anywhere else in that city.


The impact of the new Istanbul Canal on the real estate sector:

The new Istanbul Canal will have a profound impact on the real estate sector, not only in terms of prices but also in terms of the types of properties that will be in demand.

The most obvious impact will be on real estate prices as options along the new canal will become significantly more valuable, as they will have a direct view of the waterway and this is likely to lead to a sharp increase in the prices of these properties, as investors seek to take advantage of this new feature.

But the impact will go beyond prices as the canal will also change the dynamics of the city, as it will create a new center of gravity that will draw people and businesses away from the traditional downtown area and this may lead to a resurgence in some underdeveloped areas of Istanbul, as they become more attractive places to live and work.


The impact of the new Istanbul Canal on the economy:

The new Istanbul Canal will have a significant impact on Turkey's economy as the canal will provide a new navigational route for ships traveling between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. A new route for oil and gas pipelines, which will reduce dependence on Russian energy supplies. The project is expected to cost $32 billion and will be completed by 2027.


Where to find real estate for sale in Istanbul near the canal?

About the new Istanbul water canal, there are many areas that deserve to be considered and the real estate and investment options that exist in them, and this is what we will talk about through the following paragraphs:


First: Beylikduzu area:

The advantages of buying real estate in Beylikdüzü are numerous. First of all, the Istanbul Water Canal is set to have a significant impact on the city, and real estate prices are expected to rise significantly as a result. In addition, the area is home to a number of major universities and hospitals, making it a great location. Finally, the city is served by an excellent transportation network, which makes commuting easy.


Second: Basaksehir area:

- Basaksehir is one of the fastest growing areas in Istanbul and has become a very attractive place for investors in recent years.

- Real estate prices in Basaksehir are still relatively low compared to other neighborhoods in Istanbul such as Sisli or Beyoglu, and this makes it a great place to invest in real estate.

- Basaksehir is well connected to the rest of Istanbul through public transportation and highways and is also close to the new Istanbul Airport, which makes it very convenient for those who travel a lot.

- There are many new developments going on, which means that there will be more amenities and facilities available in the future.


Third: Kucukcekmece:

Kucukcekmece is a famous and famous district in Istanbul. It is one of the most densely populated areas in the city with a population of nearly one million people. The district is located on the European side of Istanbul and is connected to the city center by public transportation and is also famous for its beautiful parks and lakes.


The property prices in it are very reasonable as compared to other parts of the city and another advantage is that it is a very safe area with low crime rates. In addition to this, it has many schools, hospitals and shopping malls which makes it a very suitable place to live.


Fourth: Arnavutkoy area:

Here are some advantages of buying real estate in Arnavutkoy:

- Real estate prices are very reasonable.

- The city has a wide variety of property types available, from apartments to villas.

- It is a safe area, which makes it a great place for families to live.

- Real estate prices in that area are expected to rise significantly in the coming period because it hosts the largest airport in the world (the new Istanbul Airport) as well as close to the water canal.

- The climate in Arnavutkoy is mild, which means that you can enjoy the outdoors all year round.


Fifth: Avcilar region:

 One of the main advantages is that property prices are relatively low compared to other parts of Istanbul. Moreover, the quality of life is very good in it with all the necessary amenities readily available.

Other than that, Avcilar is also a very strategic location and is located near Ataturk International Airport and in addition to that, it is also well connected to other parts of the city via public transportation.


Is the time right to buy real estate in Istanbul?

Istanbul's population has been growing rapidly and the city's population has doubled in the past 20 years and is expected to continue to grow. This population growth creates a demand for apartments, which drives up prices.


Istanbul's economy is strong and stable, as it is famous for its diversified economy with growing tourism seasons, which attract foreign investment, and this stability makes Istanbul real estate a safe investment.


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