Commercial real estate for sale in Istanbul

Have you thought about looking for commercial properties for sale in Istanbul for your investment project? Where commercial real estate is considered one of the most suitable options for obtaining high and abundant profits, as well as it is a safe option due to the high demand for it, especially during the tourist seasons.

In this article, you will learn about the most important information related to commercial real estate in that city and the importance of investing in it, as well as highlighting many things that you must take into account in order to guarantee distinguished results.


Advantages of investing in commercial real estate in Istanbul:

First: The cost of investing in commercial real estate in Istanbul is relatively low compared to other parts of Europe or North America and this makes it an ideal destination for investors who may have limited capital but still want to benefit from a profitable return on investment.

Second: The Turkish economy is growing at a rapid rate and this growth is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. This makes it an ideal place for investors looking for long-term returns in addition to short-term gains from rental income or appreciation of their property.

Third: Istanbul's population is incredibly diverse, with people from all over the Middle East, Europe and beyond. This provides potential tenants with many options when it comes to renting office and other space, which can help keep vacancy rates low and ensure your ability to increase your capital.

Fourth: The popularity of Turkish commercial real estate is also increasing among international buyers due to its modern infrastructure and convenient location along major trade routes as the country has an excellent transportation network that makes it easy to reach other countries in Europe or Asia by air or sea.

Fifth: The Turkish government also offers incentives to foreign investors that make it more attractive. These include tax exemptions on real estate purchased in foreign currency and reduced registration fees for companies established in the country.


Tips when searching for commercial real estate in Istanbul:

Here is the most important information that you should consider for everyone who wants to invest in this type of real estate, which will help you get a good return:


It is essential to choose a property that is located in an area that has good access to transportation, utilities and other businesses as this will ensure that customers and potential tenants can access the building easily. In addition, it is important to research zoning laws and regulations when choosing a commercial property as it can affect a lot. It often depends on profitability as well as the type of commercial activities allowed in the building.

 Look for any signs of damage or malfunction that need to be addressed before purchasing or renting a space within the building. Investing in repairs and upgrades can greatly improve rental income as well as resale value, so they should not be overlooked during the due diligence process.

Commercial real estate for sale in Taksim:

Investing in commercial real estate in Taksim is a smart choice for those looking to increase the return on investment as it is located in the heart of Istanbul, one of the most popular tourist and commercial areas in the city with plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment options and this makes it an attractive location for commercial investors looking for High return on their investment.

 Its central location provides easy access to the rest of the city, making it an ideal location for businesses that must be easily accessible to customers alike. In addition, it has excellent public transport links, allowing investors to take advantage of low-cost commuting options while still being close to some of the city's most famous attractions.

The area also offers a variety of properties available to buy or rent at competitive rates, from small office spaces to more spacious options.


Commercial real estate for sale in Al Fateh:

Commercial real estate investments in the Fatih district of Istanbul offer a high return on investment due to the high demand from clients and companies looking to rent or buy office space in this district.

The neighborhood is located near major attractions such as the Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia Museum and the Blue Mosque that attract thousands of tourists every year and this means that there is always an influx of people to the area who can be potential clients for businesses located there.


Notes about buying a property in Istanbul:

First of all, you have to look at the legal status of the property, as there may be a problem resulting from it, such as seizure or mortgage, which leads to losing part of its value, and if you want to sell in the future, you will find that this is difficult.

Secondly, it is necessary to seek the help of a real estate expert and consultant who has extensive experience and knowledge of what is related to this market, and therefore he will provide you with the best and most important options available.

Third, you must study your financial budget well so that it does not coincide with matters that were not within your accounts.


Cons of buying commercial real estate in Istanbul:

There is no doubt that this type of real estate has many and unlimited privileges, but on the other hand, there are negative aspects that you should look at, including:

- In the event of an economic or political crisis or the like, the real estate may remain for a long time without tenants, which leads to the loss of the property owner.

- The prices of this type of real estate are very high compared to residential and other real estate.

- On the other hand, the owner of the property will be very comfortable, because he will not face any difficulties in collecting rents because the tenants have good financial conditions, and they will not be responsible for fixing any defect or problem with the property because the tenants coordinate the property according to what their business requires.


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