Types of Residence in Turkey

Turkey offers foreigners wishing to reside in Turkey many types of residence permits that enable them to reside there for long periods and in a legal manner without being subject to legal violations.

In this article, learn about the most important types of residency in Turkey and some of its advantages.


What do you know about the types of residence permits in Turkey?

Have you seen the types of residence permits that exist in Turkey? What are the most powerful residences and what is their importance?

First: real estate residence:

There are many reasons why you can obtain a real estate residence document in Turkey, the most important of which are:

First, you are allowed to live in Turkey for a long period of up to five years on a multiple-entry visa.

 Secondly, it gives you the right to work in Turkey.

 Third, it gives you the opportunity to study in Turkey.

Fourth, it gives you access to the Turkish social security and health insurance system.

Finally, it gives you a way to get Turkish citizenship.


Second: tourist accommodation:

The advantages of a tourist residence document in Turkey are as follows:

 - You can live in Turkey for up to 90 days a year.

 - You can easily renew your residence permit.

- The residence permit allows you to open a bank account and apply for a Turkish driving license. You can take your family members with you under your residence permit.

- You can work in Turkey if you obtain a work permit.


Third: family residence:

Advantages of a family residence document in Turkey

1. The family residence document guarantees your legal residence in Turkey.

2. The family residence document grants its holder the right to health care in Turkey.

3. The family residence document gives its holder the right to work in Turkey.

4. The family residence document allows its holder to open a bank account in Turkey.

5. The family residence document allows its holder to apply for a Turkish driving license.


Fourth: Humanitarian accommodation:

The humanitarian residence document is one of the residence permits that foreigners can apply for in Turkey.

This document is issued to foreigners who cannot return to their countries due to armed conflict, natural disaster or other reasons, and are allowed to live and work in Turkey.

A humanitarian residency document has many benefits, including the right to work, access to social security, education, and health care.


Fifth: Conducting scientific research:

1. It gives you the status of a scientific researcher in Turkey.

2. You are allowed to work on your research project in any Turkish university or research institution.

3. You can also work as a lecturer in a Turkish university if you have the necessary qualifications and experience.

4. The residence permit is valid for one year and can be renewed for up to three years.

5. You can bring your family members with you to Turkey with a dependent residence permit.

6. You will receive social security benefits while you are in Turkey.


Sixth: Student Accommodation:

There are many advantages to obtaining a student residence document in Turkey, and one of the biggest advantages is that it allows students to stay in Turkey for up to one year without having to apply for a visa and this can save students a lot of time and money.

Other advantages of obtaining a student residence document include the ability to work part-time jobs and access to health care. Students who hold a student residence document also have the right to open a bank account in Turkey.


Seventh: Work placement:

A work residence permit in Turkey is a document that allows a foreign citizen to live and work in Turkey for a specified period of time.

There are many advantages to obtaining a work residence permit in Turkey. First, the holder is allowed to live and work in Turkey legally, secondly, it gives the holder the right to social security benefits, including health care, and third, the holder can apply for a Turkish passport after living in Turkey. Turkey for five years Finally, the holder can sponsor his family members to come to Turkey.


Eighth: Therapeutic accommodation:

There are many advantages to obtaining a medical residency document, including:

Medical residency holders are entitled to high-quality and affordable healthcare in Turkey. This includes access to public hospitals and clinics, as well as private healthcare facilities.

One of the main benefits of having a medical residency document is that it allows its holders to bypass long waiting lists for treatment in public hospitals and this is especially useful for those with chronic or serious conditions that require prompt treatment.

Another advantage of holding a medical residency document is that it provides coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, which may not be covered by health insurance in your country.

Knowing that you and your family are covered by a high-quality, affordable healthcare system can provide peace of mind, especially if you live in a foreign country.


When is the residence permit withdrawn from its holder in Turkey?

According to the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, an alien's residence permit may be revoked in the following cases:

- If the foreigner is sentenced to imprisonment for one year or more.

- If the alien poses a threat to public security or national security.

- If the alien is involved in illegal activities.

- If the foreigner commits fraud or perversion in order to obtain a residence permit.

- If it turns out that the information provided by the foreigner in his application for a residence permit is false.

- If the foreigner does not comply with the conditions of his residence permit.

- If the foreigner has been absent from Turkey for more than six consecutive months.


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